Friday, November 14, 2008

Never Let Me Navigate

I have lived in Nova Scotia my entire life, which for anyone counting is a smidge over forty years. You would think in that length of time, I would have developed some sense of where things are in this province. Sadly, such is not the case.

Take for instance when I mentioned I was off to the South Shore this weekend to visit the lovely
Blomidon Inn and that anyone who has not been to the south shore really should make a point of going. Now, don’t get me wrong, The South Shore is without a doubt a must see for anyone coming to this fine province. However, the Blomidon Inn, and Wolfville in particular where the inn is located…well, its not exactly located on the South Shore. In fact, if you were to go to the South Shore, and then walk straight across to the other side of the province…well that’s where I’ll be.

And this is why, if you are ever with me and you ask ‘which way do we go?’-- just turn around and go in the complete opposite direction of whatever I tell you. Trust me, you’ll thank me for it later.

And if you doubt the veracity of this, just ask my sister about our 10 hour walk through the boggy swamp land of Folly Mountain when she did not heed this advice.


Rene said...

Hence the reason we have built in GPS systems in three cars and a portable in another. I'm actually pretty good with directions, particularly if there is mall involved. My husband...shudder. He is the worst. And sometimes it doesn't matter how many times he's been some place, he can't remember how to get there.

Tess said...

Note to self: If ever travelling with Kelly, do NOT let her navigate!

Enjoy your weekend :)

Anne MacFarlane said...

Hope you made it to the right place.

RaphEmer said...

I just read your original entry and wondered "What do the Blomidon Inn & the South Shore have to do with each other?".

Y'know, that could be an amusing sitcomish reality show. We just drop you in the middle of a strange city/province/state/country, hand you a map and film you trying to find your way to a particular location.

Think of the travelling you could do! Go pitch the idea to the networks...we'll talk about my cut, later. ;)

Hope your Blomidon trip is good!

Annette said...

Well, here's what I know. I've been to Blomindon (twice, just after we moved back here) and totally accepted that it was on the South Shore.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed your romantic weekend away -- no matter which side of the province you were on. :-)

maxx said...

Having travelled near and far with her many times... do NOT ask her which way- or if you do, just for a laugh, then yes... head in the opposite direction.

Kelly Boyce said...

And do not ask Maxx to read a map. She will only pretend to humor you and then claim that it is unnecessary because eventually there will be a sign.

maxx said...

ahahahahahahaha ... Have I ever gotten us lost? huh? NO. Never. And I have shared my philosophy with the traveling group this past weekend as we were driving along and 10 seconds after the words were out of my mouth- yah, SIGN for what we were looking for. And there's a reason I was the designated navigator this weekend too.