Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Heart Your Blog

Thanks to Miss Make A Movie for the I HEART YOUR BLOG nomination, and in the spirit of giving, here are my nominations for blogs I love to read:

Christine D'Abo
Christine combines elements of science fiction, fantasy and romance…and keeps me on my toes each year at NaNoWriMo time.

Grosvenor Square
Melissa is a lover of all things vintage and her blog reflects this look. Love it! Its like being transported back to the 1940s every time I visit.

Wine on the Keyboard
Kacey always has vibrant photos on her blog that I look forward to seeing. Her photographic talents rival her writing talent!

A Little Cheese With That Wine
Rene changes her blog’s look with the seasons and I love popping over to see what’s new.

Michelle Willingham
Michelle is a Harlequin author who blogs about writing and real life and always entertains.

One Word At A Time
Anne’s blog is an aspiring romance author and my website designer. She’s awesome on line and in person and definitely worth checking out.

Six Degrees of Sexy
This is a group blog which lives up to its name!

So now it's our turn. Throw out the nominations to seven of your favourite blogs and let them feel the love!


Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Kelly,

I'll spread the love around on my next blog post.

Anonymous said...

thanks! That's a great list. I read most of them, but I'm off to check out the others. I always love a list of recommended blogs.

Julia Smith said...

Congratulations everyone!