Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Two Days to Go!

I am writing like mad trying to finish Brimstone by end of day tomorrow. It was all going well until I had an epiphany about the scandal scene that has been giving me endless grief. I finally figured it out. Which is great. But it means a rather extensive rewrite of that scene, changing it completely, and then trying to seamlessly fit it back into the story.


But I am writing on my lunch hours and trying to find every pocket of time I can to get this finished. I am almost there. Things aren't looking too bad yet. I haven't hit the panic button. Maybe tomorrow, but not yet.

I have figured out a tentative schedule that will hopefully work for next month.

Nov 1 - 12: Write like a mad woman on my NaNo story getting as much done as humanly possible.

Nov 12 - 26: Write in the morning cleaning up the final edits of Brimstone once I get it back from my CPs and write NaNo during lunch hours and evenings.

Nov 26 - 30: Write like a madwoman to finish NaNo story.

That's the plan. Let's hope it pans out. Stay tuned for regular updates on the insanity as it progresses over at
Creative Insanity - NaNo 2007. That's where me and my RWAC buddies will be blogging as we lose our minds to NaNo.


annette said...

Go Kelly! I think that's a solid schedule. I should draw one up for myself.

Melissa Marsh said...

You can do it, Kelly! Good luck!

Annie Mac said...

We can be crazy together Kelly.

Cat Schield said...

I bow to your ambition and energy. Maybe a little bit will rub off on me so I can get a few things done myself. GOOD LUCK!!

Tess said...

Wow - wish I had your energy and drive!!! Good luck with the insanity :)

Dixie Belle said...

I just LOVE your pictures! LOL!
I hit page 60 today so I'm doing good so far.

Toni Anderson said...

You can do it, I'm very impressed :)
Happy Halloween!!