Thursday, October 25, 2007

13 Reasons I'm Doing NaNoWriMo

Okay, I removed the Thursday Thirteen header. It was just making opening this slow and it got annoying. And the new pix is way more fun to look at.

Anyway, here you have it either way: 13 Reasons I'm doing NaNoWriMo:

1. Because I can. For once in the three years since I’ve known it existed I am in a position to take advantage of an entire month of writing flat out like a maniac and getting the first draft of a book done.

2. To break out of my comfort zone. I’m a plotter. I plot my books out thoroughly before I start to write the first draft. There are charts and graphs and detailed notes that could be books in themselves. I’m not doing that with this book. I’ve loosely constructed a plot, written down a few ideas of things that could happen and have a general idea of my characters’ background. Nothing is written in stone. I’m just taking the idea and running with it like a kid who just swiped a handful of cookies from the cookie jar and has mama hot on his heels.

3. Because I need a break. I’ve been working on my series for the past year and a bit trying to work out all the aspects of the threads that run through all four books, coordinating the character backgrounds where they overlap, developing the mystery so it makes sense...I’m exhausted. So with the completion of Book I written and ready to send off (almost...) I need a break. I want to kick back and have some fun. And what is more fun to a chick who loves cowboys, but a good ole western! Saddle up, kemosabe, we ride at dawn.

4. Because there’s safety in numbers. We have a group of about 7 of us from my RWA chapter who are doing NaNo. We set up our own yahoo group to cheer each other on and keep the momentum going.

5. Because I talked my best friend into doing it and I can’t leave her swinging in the wind. When I realized November would overlap finishing the final edits of Brimstone in time for the GH and writing for NaNo I had a moment where I thought maybe I should skip NaNo this year. But the fact that I dragged my BFF into it was good incentive to nix that idea before it took root. What kind of best bud would I be if I left her to fend for herself for thirty days of writing madness?

6. To improve my multi-tasking skills. Nothing like trying to finish one book while you write another and do it all before month end to stretch your time management skills.

7. It’s a good test run for my new writing schedule. I’m determined to figure out a way to work full-time and write two books a year, not one. If I can write the first draft in 30 days, I can spend the next 5 months doing clean up and voila – one book every six months.

8. Because I miss the Old West. I love a good western be it movie, book, or television show. Maggie Osborne is one of my favorite writers and she did awesome westerns. I’m still in mourning over her retirement. One of my favorite television shows was Deadwood. And of course, two of my favorite movies of all time – 3:10 to Yuma and Unforgiven.

9. I can’t resist a challenge. I can’t. The idea that I might not be able to do something just makes me want to try it more. I love the idea of pushing myself further than I’ve gone before, finding new strategies to reach a goal.

10. My hero bears a striking resemblance to a scruffed up, hard ridden version of Christian Bale. And any month spent with his likeness stuck in my cranium can’t be bad.

11. Because I love, love, LOVE the book idea I’m doing and can’t wait to write it.

12. Because if I get this first draft done I’m that much closer to adding another finished manuscript to my library.

13. Because why not? Seriously. Thirty days with no internal editor? Sounds like a vacation to me!


Dixie Belle said...

Good luck, Kelly! I think you'll have fun and that is what writing should be about. I'd love to read your story with CB in mind! LOL!

Oh and congrats on the contest and I hope she buys it!

Marsha said...

I am doing NaBloPoMo, national blog posting month. Not as exciting, but still hopefully fun. Good luck. I love a good western too. Happy TT.

Cat Schield said...

Brave girl! I considered it before reality hit me upside the head. Maybe next year. I hope you'll keep us updated as to your progress.

And congrats on the request for full. That's very exciting.

P.S. you and I must think alike, we have matching blog themes ;-)

Toni Anderson said...

Good for you! I'm signed up but not sure if I'll make it. Great reasons! great motivation!

Lexi said...

Have a great, productive, exciting time with it! Good luck and keep us posted on your progress.

(I had a good laugh with the rough draft in 1 month and 5 months doing clean up. That's my goal too, only in reverse.)

Annie Mac said...

Wondered what happened to your post.

I always learn so much through the actual writing of a story. Tackling the new story in a totally different way will hopefully teach me lots of new stuff. I want to be a faster writer. I want to have things out there to editors,agents, contests. I need to get the ball rolling.

maxx said...

I'm anxious and excited to get writing again and proving to myself I still can. If this doesn't snap that muse out of her coma, well... that's just a fate too terrible to consider.

julia said...

I'll cheer you on, Kelly! Go, Kelly, go! And Maxx, too!!

I'm going to unofficially do NaNo because I'm going to finish my WIP started two NaNo's ago. Finally, you say. Me too!