Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Stealthy Ninja

Every Halloween at work we do the usual thing a lot of other offices do – dress up and have a party! Because why work when you can eat pizza?

This year I had planned on dressing up as a Pink Lady from Grease. Unfortunately I had a hard time finding the stuff I needed for the costume and I didn’t want to spend any extra cash if I didn’t have to. So last night I was picking up some groceries and what do they have on sale? A Ninja Kit! Perfect, I thought. I already have my black Tae Kwon Do uniform, all I needed was the accessories. So one sword, one hood, one ninja star and two daggers later, I’m good to go.

We’re also doing a pumpkin carving contest amidst the pizza and costuming. Each department has to come up with a design and then we win prizes. I found a really cool pattern for Nosferatu, but my misinformed co-workers just stared at me blankly going, ‘who’s that?’. These people apparently have no clue about cinematic horror history. Frightening.

So we settled on the Grim Reaper, which was my second choice. I’ve been put in charge of carving the details of the face. If we screw that up, we’re jumping over to our choice #2 that will cover the mistake – Cyclops.

Meanwhile, I finished writing my last scene for Brimstone this morning. I still have to fix up one other scene but that’s almost finished too. So I am good to start NaNoWriMo tomorrow. Woo hoo!!


Melissa Marsh said...

Our office isn't doing anything for Halloween, but that's fine with me. I'm just not into this holiday. But my daughter is Scooby Doo this year and she's really, really excited to wear her costume!

Amy Ruttan said...

Awww lucky. We don't do anything at work for Halloween. Which blows but I am wearing my red sequined Devil Horns and painted my nails black. I've already had someone ask me the quissential "Are you Horny?" question. Buggers.

At least I'm only here a half day ... got to go home and get my house ready for a spooktacular Halloween. :)

maxx said...

Hey y'all!

It's Britney bitch.

We're having lots of fun and alot of people have dressed up. I think I'm in the middle of a sugar rush and the inevitable crash should be fun.

Cat Schield said...

Oh your office sounds like way more fun than mine. Although HR did pass out candy this morning.

I can't wait to take my daughter trick or treating tonight. She's going as Catherine the Great.

Good luck with Nanowrimo tomorrow!

Christine d'Abo said...

The team I used to be on does a huge thing every year for Halloween. Now that I'm back in the HR department, we don't do as much. I think I'll have to change that for next year...

Congratulations on getting Brimstone done!!

Erin said...¤t=Nosferatu011.jpg

Nosferatu? You mean like this dude?

Wish we were doing something, but the move really threw things for a loop. I brought in a few dolls and some treats...that's about it.

Erin said...

Well, that didn't work...

The pics are at the bottom of the page linked to my name.

Annie Mac said...

Sounds like great fun at the office. My kids are too old to trick or treat and I felt a little nostalgic tonight when the kids came around in their princess and witch costumes.

julia said...

Plan B - Cyclops! You are hysterical! Hope it went okay for the Grim Reaper - that would be veddy spooky.