Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Green Light

I had my consultation for my eyeball zapping today (aka laser eye surgery) and got the green light. Yay! Even better, the surgery is scheduled for October 11th, which is only 10 days away. Granted this is going to cut into my plans for finishing up Brimstone if I can't get it done by this time next week, but it's all for a good cause. I didn't have to get my pupils dilated today but I do have to go to my regular eye doc to have it done on Friday, so some of my writing time has been eaten away with appointments this week. Which doesn't help, especially given that I feel like I'm slogging through at the speed of a slug.

Yesterday I finished writing a new, pivotal scene and the scene that followed it, and today I rearranged some things on the storyboard and did another major scene. The goal tomorrow: Edit two scenes and write two new scenes.

Meanwhile, I have signed up to do Nanowrimo this year. Which means Brimstone MUST be completed and ready to send off to the GH by October 31st. I'm still planning on having it done by Oct 14th but the end of October is my "absolutely no more extensions stay up all night and type your fingers to the bone date if you have to" date.

I decided I would probably need a break between Brimstone & Saving Grace to give myself a brain break from the series and come back to Book 2 with a fresh outlook. So Nano gives me the chance to just write flat out on a new idea without worrying about things too much and then I can start back in on December 1st with the storyboarding of Saving Grace. I’m thinking I might pull out one of the western ideas I've been kicking around, maybe look at targeting it for Harlequin Historical.

Anyone else planning on doing Nanowrimo this year?


Annie Mac said...

WooHoo on the all clear for the eye surgery. Hope everything goes off without a hitch.

The idea of starting something new and writing flat out for a month sounds like a good idea.

Melissa Marsh said...

Nope. I can't do NaNo. I've tried two or three times now and I'm just not a good candidate. But I think it's an awesome idea.

Yay on the green light for the surgery!

Christine d'Abo said...

That is awesome news about your eyes. I'm sure everything will be smooth sailing.

I'm so doing NaNo again this year. I think I'm going to need the extra motivation to keep me going.

annette said...

Lots of luck with the eye surgery. I would love to get it done. Can't wait to hear what you think about the whole thing.

I'm planning to do Nano this year. And it falls at a great time for me, so I should be able to give it a good go.

Lexi said...

Wonderful news on the eyeball zapping! As for writing, as long as you're making steady progress, don't beat yourself up if you miss or mess with a deadline. And it sounds like you're making progress. Keep up the good work!

julia said...

That's great about the eye zapping! And I'm sure you'll love NaNoWriMo. It absolutely shuts off the internal editor and makes for a lovely large word count.

MaryF said...

I'm doing Nano!! Can't wait - I had so much fun last year!

Hope the surgery went well!