Monday, October 01, 2007

Readjusted Expectations

My butt is seriously numb. I need some inspiration to keep going. I think this pix should help.

Here's how the vacation is going so far:

Saturday: Wrote from 8 am until noon. Managed to finish one scene and edit one other. Went shoe shopping. Found a sale. Went to the other mall and bought a knit vest and a red purse. Went to Starbucks/Chapters for some coffee and a treat then realized Victoria Alexander's new book was on the shelves so I picked up that. Went home, tried to write some more. Discovered I was brain dead. Spent the evening watching TLC - The Real Estate Pros and Flip That House. Love those shows. I want to work for the Real Estate Pros. That just looks way more fun that commercial real estate. Far more hands on.

Sunday: Got up at 8 am. Wrote until 11 am. Took a break and got some more food. Walked around a little to get the circulation flowing. Wrote a little more, drank more coffee. Showered and headed off to library, drug store and Marianne's (little shop of country stuff that I have a gift card for). Came back home, wrote for another three hours. Went for a walk and read for a bit, then watched a little tv in the evening. Total writing time: 7 hours. Scenes written: 1. Argh.

Monday (so far): Got up at 8 am. Wrote until 10:30 am. Fixed scene from previous day. Taking a brief break before I come back to do some new stuff.

Tomorrow is mostly a write off. I'll get up early before my eye appointment for my laser consultation and get about 1.5 hours in before I leave, but after that my eyes will be dilated and I won't be able to work on the computer or read. I'm going to take my notebook with me to try and get some writing in before they dilate my eyes.

Things are not going as quickly as I had hoped. I've readjusted my schedule somewhat and given myself a couple of extra days and make my schedule more manageable. Instead of finishing on the weekend, I should hopefully have things completed by Tues/Wed of next week.


Melissa Marsh said...

I hate having my eye dilated. Ugh. Hope they have good news for you, though.

Annie Mac said...

It's rough to write all day. It's like we just have so many hours of creativity in us before we hit a wall.

And I HATE having my eyes dilated. Hope the consultation goes well.

julia said...

Knowing the strange quirkiness of fate, you'll no doubt get a great idea when you can't see a thing and can't get onto the computer. But you can enjoy the movie in your mind, especially as it stars You Know Who.

Kelly said...

Actually, he's just a co star in this one. And the last thing I want are more ideas. That just means more revising. I'll stick with the ones I have and get those down on paper.

Julie S said...

Isn't it funny when you have all day to write it doesn't work out that way? I always get my best writing done when I'm crunched for time.

Good luck at the eye doctor tomorrow. My husband just had his eyes dilated and they gave him those old man sunglasses to wear, and he actally wore them into the grocery store. So glad I wasn't with him :-)

Lexi said...

Hey, as long as you're making progress that's all that matters!

julia said...

Me again - pop over to my blog. There's paparazzi gunning for a picture of YOU!