Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Final 100

I'm barreling to the finish line. I met with my CP last night and we went over the scene caps for the final 100 pages of Brimstone. Everything has fallen into place - the motives, the sequence of events, the little twist at the end. All the threads have been tied up. Whew! I am so glad it has finally all come together. I was a little worried there.

We also made a revelation about Quinn, which lead into a nice little brainstorming session for Book Two in the series, Saving Grace. I made a bunch of notes when I got home after our meeting and I'm really excited to get started on it.

But before I can start plotting Saving Grace, I need to finish Brimstone. So my goal for the next two weeks is to finish writing the final 100 pages of Brimstone. Then I'm off to the camp for a week (that's National week for those of you going to the conference). I'm taking a stack of books, a big thick notepad and pens, and my alphie. I'm going to work on the plot for SG while I'm there, in between putting a small dent in my TBR file. I figured going to the camp was a good idea. Being in the house without Coop for a whole week was not something I was looking forward to, but I need a vacation in the worst kind of way so I didn't want to cancel the time off. This seems a good compromise.

Once I return from the camp, I'll get to work on cleaning up Brimstone with the changes I made as my CP and I went through it. Then she gets the whole thing dumped in her lap for a final read through. Once I do one final clean up after that...it's off to market my baby to agents. I'm excited about that, actually. I have high hopes for this series. It feels right.


Christine d'Abo said...

That is awesome news, Kelly. Going to the camp sounds like a great thing as well.

I'm going away this weekend, but I know I won't get any writing done. I'm taking my notebook just in case though.

julia said...

Yay! Go, Kelly, go!

Sarah L. Catherine said...

Hey Kelly! Thanks for visiting my blog!!
I just visited your blog yesterday -- did you know? I linked through to you from... Sizzling Pens, maybe??... or Jill Shalvis' blog?... because you mentioned Dartmouth -- and I stole your Romance Heroine quiz!

Sorry to be down on Nova Scotia in my posts -- I really would LOVE to visit again, when fun stuff is on the schedule and not work. :) To see the Bay of Fundy and the Titanic museum, etc.
And I was so impressed with everyone we worked with -- so many people had been born there, lived there, and worked at one company their entire career.

If you visited Houston right about now -- you'd find it rather rainy, too. :)

Sarah L. Catherine said...

Okay, I'm a total dunce... Have I been to your blog before??

I'll add you to my blog roster!! :)