Wednesday, June 13, 2007

An Archive Recycle Meme

Christine tagged me for the recycled post meme. This was kind of fun because I had to search back and got to read a lot of the posts I had forgotten about. Good chuckle there.

I’m also going to tag
Tess, Melissa, Julia (since she just reached 100 posts!).

I reached waaaaaaaaaaay back in the archives for this one. Wednesday, May 18, 2005 to be exact. It was my letter to Connor and Kate of The Outlaw Bride written when they were giving me no amount of grief over their first major love scene:

Dear Connor & Kate,

It is with deep regret I must inform you that the two of you will never be having sex again. I realize this comes as a huge shock to you both, as it would reason with the way your relationship has progressed more sex would be expected, even warranted. However, it has become apparent that after your last love scene I am simply too taxed to attempt such a feat again.

Therefore, it behooves me to announce that you, Kate, shall be entering the Convent of the Never-gonna-get-any; and you, Connor, will be leaving for Tibet to train with Sensei Abstinence at the local monastery for the frustrated. I hope you both understand this has been a very difficult decision to make, but in review I believe it is the best for all concerned.

And by all, I mostly mean me.

And speaking of me, I will be leaving the world of historical romance for a career in basket weaving. I thank you for your time and wish you all the best.


Your creator,



annette said...

LOL Love that - 'Convent of the never-gonna-get-any'.

Btw, anything new with The Outlaw Bride?

Kelly said...

My plan is to try and get an agent with Brimstone, where I think that might be more marketable, and then once I get an agent, hit them with Outlaw Bride as well.

julia said...

LOL!! Great recycled post - very, very funny!

I shall scrounge around in my archives and hopefully find something of interest. This is a great idea.

Love Connor's Sensei Abstinence training.

Christine said...

ROFL! Love it Kelly!

annette said...

I think that's a good plan, Kelly.

Still keeping my fingers crossed for D&B. Shouldn't be long now!

Jill said...

LOL, been there oh might creator. Been there.