Monday, March 06, 2006

The Year Ahead

I got this link on your writing horoscope from Michelle's blog, which linked to Tori's blog, which linked to, I think, Publisher's Marketplace:

Capricorn: Caps have the publishing planet (Jupiter) in their House of Dreams and Wishes . The Big Sale, Acquisition, or Merger is more likely in '06 than in any year in the last 10. I've seen true miracles ( pinnacles at least) happen with this house position, so expect the best outcome in all your ventures. Congratulations in advance.

Sweet! And encouraging since I have to spend another day trying to figure out my outline that still isn't quite coming together as I want it too. It still feels too disjointed. But I'm antsy to get back to the actual writing. I don't want to take time off to outline, but I know I have to. So another relatively short, early post, before I tramp upstairs and continue slogging away to get this thing right. I'm too close to the end to screw things up now!

Alright, a few minutes before work, so I thought I'd add on a little. Here's the rest of the horoscopes - check out what your sign says is in store for you this year:

Aquarius: '06 brings new blood, in a good way. The projects you create or buy now are more in tune with the real you. A new genre or a new approach to an old one is to be expected. Try and be flexible. The only thing certain in your life now is change..go with it.

Pisces: I hope you deal with fiction. Neptune, the planet of make-believe is right smack on your Sun, and dealing with mystical or at least made-up material is where you find paydirt.Pass non-fiction subjects on to others, ask for a finders fee.

Aries: '06 will bring offers. Nice ones. You have and will continue to be on the receiving end of generous friends and co-workers, and the only way you can screw this up is if you try and control every facet of the deal. Cooperation and Hanging Back will make you money, give you influence and prestige.

Taurus: Hire the best psychic you can find. You are missing the boat or at least having a few blind spots in your career. No one else can probably tell you what's passing you by but a seer of good repute. I have recommendations if you need one.

Gemini: '06 puts Jupiter in your sector of daily work and health.Certainly you will not lack for work, but change is afoot in your daily routine. You get an offer to do something completely new to you is what it looks like. Grab the chance to change.

Cancer: An excellent year for Cancer writers, editors and film industrialists. The only caveat is contracts, which you must have read by pros lest you lock yourself into something, well, like a financial straightjacket. Truly do read the fine print. Liability for something you have no hand in could find its way into a deal....refuse to be co-opted into future legal battles.

Leo: Partners are not what they seem to be. By '06's end, you'll have that wool over your eyes removed about a few people, but it is all to the good, since you need to know where you stand. Hard work still pays off, and you'll have plenty of that. If you are en Editor, your company could be bought, and then the desk shuffle may begin. Keep feelers out.

Virgo: You'd benefit from a past life regression therapist. No joke, alot of your problems now can be viewed as leftovers from a past life. And there you are, feeling all spiritually attuned and thought you had the Universe figured out already...'06 brings big checks and stomach aches. Try the regression, what can it hurt?

Libra: The perfect year to polish that manuscript or screenplay and get it out there. Two significant planets are perfectly positioned for writers..lucky you! Smart you, actually. You have the BEST chart of anyone to make this writing thing pay off well.

Scorpio: All year things go well. If you want to make big changes, now is the time, and some of the good things that happen to you may come without invitation. It may not all be roses, but the final outcomes are all in the plus column. A banner year, and next year isn't bad either!

Sagittarius: '06 says you are not in charge. This is a time when others design your fate, and there is little you can do but accept that. Of course you can run away to some foreign land, or climb into some ashram for the next two years, but you'll miss the lesson. You might also miss the fabulous work product that they are leading you toward.


Maxx said...

thank you for confirming what I already suspected. Now I'm depressed.

Kelly said...

I take it you didn't read the part where it said the year was leading to a fabulous work project? What happen to Miss Glass Half Full?

Maxx said...

I tied her up and stuffed her in the closet. She was irritating me.

Kelly said...

You should let her back out. Dour and morose don't suit you. Unless it sparks the muse. In which case, carry on.

Maxx said...

I'm still my usual irritating upbeat self... just not when it comes to my writing... which has been stuck in nowheresville forEVER. Howevah... looking at the glass half full... maybe once I feel settled and things go back to relative normalcy... ya know- I think I forgot to give my muse my forwarding address.

Kelly said...

I usually start writing without the muse. I figure eventually she'll show up and until then at least I got something to work with.

Michelle said...

Good luck this year, Kelly!

MaryF said...

I'm a Taurus, and that's just depressing. True, but depressing.