Tuesday, February 28, 2006

What's Going On?

I realized I haven't really done an update for a bit and since I'm pressed for time and have nothing sitting on my cranium that I need to spew about, I figured today seemed like a good day for a quick update. And since I can think of no picture in particular that captures the theme of the post, I'll just throw one of CB up, so that when I pop in through the day I have somethin' pretty to look at.

Desire & Brimstone: Moving right along at a really good clip. I'm averaging about 27 pages per week and so far I'm really pleased with how this story is unfolding. I've taken a few unexpected turns, or should I say the characters have, and I'm understanding their motivations more and more. Overall, I'm surprised by how easy it is coming out. I think doing the outline from FDin30 really helped. It took the guesswork out of what needed to happen and just let me sit down and worry about the creative aspect of putting the pieces together.

Saving Grace: This is the title for Book 2 in the series which will tell Quinn and Grace's story. I wrote the opening scene the other day and have had a few other scenes pop in my head as well which I scribbled down. I had to start a file to keep all the pieces of paper in one place. I can't wait to start this story.

Book 3: I am still struggling with a title for this one. The other two came relatively easy, but this one I am just drawing a blank on. Although I did find a poem that seemed to encapsulate some of the theme from the book that I would like to have on the first page leading into Chapter 1. It's Reluctance by Robert Frost. But still, the stupid title eludes me...

Sodoku: I put off trying this stupid game/puzzle thing for as long as I could, but I got bored one day at lunch last week and decided to give in. I am now hooked and in desperate need of a 12 Step program. Damn the English for their mind-bending puzzle games!!

The Crush: It continues. I need a 12 step program for that too.

Documentary: The docu-crew are coming down the weekend of April 2nd at which time they will be filming me on my home turf and also talking to my family and best friend. Now that should be interesting...

Educational Session on Revisions: Yeah...I really need to start putting that together.

Weight Loss for Shopping Trip: Going really good. Four pounds down, three and a half to go.

And that is all she wrote.


Tess said...

Nice pic of CB!!!

Ok - onto other things *g*. Congrats on the D&B progress. 27ppw is fantastic!! As for titles, I find I have to play around for a while with different ideas. Then, out of the blue, it just hits me.

Re: Sudoku - I HATE numbers, so know I'm safe from it. But crossword puzzles are another thing - esp the ones in BBC History mag.

Re: crush. Wish he'd get a transfer - then you wouldn't need those 12 steps.

Have fun with Joanna and Christine :-) I wouldn't open my home to many people in that business, but I'd sure trust them!!

Michelle said...

I'm not going to even think about trying Sudoko. I have too many other things I should be doing. WTG on the progress!

Nikki said...

Sudoku?? I warned you. Didn't I warn you?? It's so much mindless fun though, ain't it?

I can't believe how many books you have on the go! Good for you ... you're really keeping it going and one day it's going to all pay off (hopefully soon so you can get that cleaning woman!) :)