Monday, December 05, 2005

The Things I'll Do For a Chapters Card

So, the gift grab. Well, if any of you have ever played it before you know how it works, for those of you who don't, you basically draw a number and that number indicates the order you go in. Then each person, one by one, picks a gift. The thing is, you can pick a gift from under the tree, or you can swipe a gift already opened by someone else, then they in turn can either swipe a new gift from someone else, or pick a new one from under the tree.

Well someone had the bright idea of buying a Chapters gift card as the gift. Once everyone saw that they pretty much knew what I was going to do. There were 19 of us playing and I drew #17, which put me near the end and in perfect position to get the card. The only thing is, with all the swiping going on, I had to stay three steps ahead to determine where the card was going to end up, and what gift I had to swipe to end up with the card in the end.

As it turned out the gift card and a really nice set of steak knives were the hot ticket items. I knew if I didn't end up with the card, I just had to end up with the knives and I could swap after the game. So as the game progresses after I have my turn, and we get caught in this ten minute loop of 5 people swapping four gifts my brain was working furiously to outguess everyone else. And I've discovered that when there is a Chapters gift card on the line, my brain has the ability to strategize at a level that would make Winston Churchill proud.

So needless to say, I ended up with the knives and Derrick, who desperately wanted the knives, ended up with the Chapters card. We swapped after the game, and Saturday I went and spent my winnings on Mary Balogh's new book, The Secret Pearl, as well as a couple of books for my niece and nephew for Christmas. The whole thing was a lot of fun, especially for someone as competitive as me. I think we'll definitely do it again next year.

In other news: Desire & Brimstone is going along great. I posted my first chapter to my critique group on Sunday and I'm halfway through chapter 2 already. This story, so far (knocking on wood) has been very easy to write. The detailed outline definitely helps, keeps me from wandering off on a tangent.

Now here's a question for any of you who have read Lisa Kleypas - I'm currently reading her Wallflower series and in the first book, Secrets of a Summer Night, there are two characters - Lord Westcliff's sister and her fiancé, Mr. Shaw. Now the way she writes them makes it sound like she has already written their story, but when I went on her site to check her other books since they didn't appear in any of the ones I had, I can find no mention of them. Anyone know if she did write their story and if so, what the book was? There is something very intriguing about Mr. Shaw and I want to know more...

And to end things off - we have snow on the ground this morning. Ugh. Is it too early to start counting down to Spring?


Nikki said...

Woohoo - a Chapters gift card? Nice job!

And I know ... the snow was depressing, wasn't it???

Maxx said...

Please join me in praying to whatever god is in charge of these things it's gone by 4pm today.

Kelly said...

Eh, not to worry. It was just a light smattering that is mostly melted by now. You're all good. Get yer butt in the car and hustle on up here.

Maxx said...

Yup, the gods are with us today.
Car's at the shop getting last minute check up and then we're good to go.
I shall be a house guest like no other. I shall cook, I shall clean, I shall take my dirty laundry with me on the weekend, I shall stay out of thoust way and speak only when spoken to.
Yeah okay, forget that last part, but the rest shouldn't be a problem.

Melissa Marsh said...

No, no, we LIKE snow!!! ;-)

Glad you got the Chapters gift card! I would have been after that one, too!

Kelly said...

No no, we HATE snow. Because I have a long sloping driveway and if I have to go thru one more winter of shovelling nine foot drifts I'm going to LOSE MY MIND!! Not that there was much left to lose, but that's beside the point.