Tuesday, December 06, 2005

The Sexiest Thing


Oh I know, it isn't going to be plastered on the moniker of any movie theatre any time soon. And it probably won't ever show up on the book jacket blurb of the next hot romance novel to entice you to pick it up and run to the cashier. It's one of those underrated qualities, the one you never hear of, the one that never get touted. And yet its the one you miss the most when it isn't present. It can make or break an entire relationship, so that in the end all the broad shoulders, square jaws and six pack abs cannot overcome its absence.

There's nothing quite as sexy to me as a man who does what he says. Who shows up when he tells you he will, who calls when he promises to. It's the quality that makes him stand out above the others, even ones better looking, with more money and less irritating potential in-laws. Where there is reliability there is integrity, where there is integrity, there is a backbone. There is a guy who will do the right thing, even when it isn't the easy thing. That's the guy who will have your back, who will stand up for you even when you don't need him to no matter what, who will put you first and understand your value and know you deserve that finite little quality that never gets the attention it truly deserves. Reliability.

Not all that flashy, but try living without it.

Over on Nikki's (The Lowdown, check out the link below) she had us pick who we preferred from Lost's two resident hot guys - Jack or Sawyer. I automatically went for Jack. Sawyer's hot, don't get me wrong, and has enough charisma to make your clothes fall off without ever laying a hand on you. But I can honestly say as attractive as the bad boys are, I always go for the good guy, maybe a little damaged, but still struggling to always do the right thing. So I chose Jack, hands down. And why? Because of the embodiment of that one little quality - reliability.


Anne M said...

Yes, I think the most important quality in a partner is integrity. And you know what I find sexy? Kindness and competence. Beats washboard abs every time.

Peggy said...

I like Jack too. Maybe not as much as Sawyer. But he has this expression when he's hurting inside, that always makes me go ahhh!

Maxx said...

Beautifully stated Miss Kelly. I should send a link to the Minister to take note.

Nikki said...

Oh my god, that picture is hot!!!!!

Heidi gave me an article about ubersexuals and what makes them hot -- Jon Stewart was on the list -- and it had to do with integrity and principles. Very, very sexy qualities. Much better than abs!

Although penis size pretty much obliterates it all ..

kidding ...

Kelly said...

And you know, really, if reliability happens to come packaged like Dr. Jack, I'm quite certain you won't here me complaining any.