Thursday, October 20, 2005

Losing Track of Time

I was motoring right along this morning, looked up and the clock read 8 AM. Ack! Where did the time go? I got so caught up in the scene I was writing an hour and a half flew by and I didn't even notice. I really need to bring an alarm clock down here or one of these days the office is going to call wondering where I am because it's noon hour and I still haven't shown up.

In other news--and because hey can a day really go by without me complaining about money? Uh no--Birthday preps are on for my Mom's b-day in a couple weeks. She doesn't want presents, just dinner. So I'm in charge of carrot soup and then got saddled with caesar salad. Damn. Not that I don't like caesar salad, I do. I just hate having to figure out how to pay for all the supplies to feed 9 people for it when I already have to try and squeeze an extra $75 out of that stupid pay cheque to pay to have the chimney cleaned this weekend.

Sigh...I see a second job looming in my near future and I'm not happy about it. I keep trying to deny that's my only way out of this mess, but more and more it's becoming apparent that it's my only option. Maybe I should just grit my teeth and start the search.

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Michelle said...

Hugs, Kelly. Hope your mom has a happy b-day!

I live for the moments when the writing just flies by...