Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Have Delete Key, Will Cut

I think I've figured out where I can lose a chunk of pages to help with my word count. Whew. That's a relief. I struggled with one scene today thinking if I used it, there were some repetitive elements of a later scene, so the later scene can be scrapped. That should save me at least 10,000 words and hopefully still have everything gel together.

I also am making good progress with my Christmas gifts. I'm trying to knit a lot of my gifts yet again, but this year they are all relatively small projects that can be done fairly quickly. Except for socks. For some reason I have a hard time knitting socks quickly. I don't know why. I think the whole heel thing freaks me out and I start procrastinating when I get to that part. Which makes no sense, because once I do it, I'm thinking, what was the big deal? But anyhoo, they are getting done and I'm feeling a bit better about that.

My podmates survived another day. All was relatively quiet so there was no bloodshed. I did have a hideous headache though and we were all out of Tylenol. I volunteered to drive to the mall to pick some up at the drug store. Bad move. Futureshop next door had Batman Begins on sale for $21. I broke down and made the purchase with my leftover grocery money and the few bucks spending money I had left to do me until next pay. I like to call that - creative accounting. Or chaotic accounting. I'm not sure which would better describe it. Probably the latter, but I'll stick with my denial because I have a new Christian Bale DVD. Watch my of dahnce of joy!

On the plus side, I managed to buy it without putting it on my Visa! It's my new motto - if I can't pay for it with cash, I can't have it. But now that I do, it will be my entertainment for the next week and a half until pay day rolls around again. I think I'm okay with that.


Nikki said...

So at the next meeting I'd better watch my snack foods I guess ...

Glad to hear your podmates are well, the cutting's getting done ... and that you have your DVD!!!!!

I think I'm going to rent it this weekend -- still haven't seen it. He gets naked, right? :)

Kelly said...

Sorry, if you're looking for the nakedness you'll have to get American Psycho. There's a shower scene that's definitely pause worthy. But he does spend some time in Batman without the shirt, which I've penned him a very lovely thank you note for.

Peggy said...

Glad you treated yourself, Kelly! Hope you were able to rid of the headache.

Melissa Marsh said...

I bought it yesterday - it's always cheaper at Wal-Mart on the first day of release. But anyway, that's not important because it's CHRISTIAN BALE.

I love the scene where he wakes up and immediately starts doing push ups. Oh, YUM.

Kelly said...

Me too. And in the extras on the 2nd CD they show that again and then when they call cut he's laughing afterwards. And I'm sitting there on my couch melting into a pool of hormones.