Monday, July 04, 2005

Let the Outlining Begin

Ah yes, another week spent uploading files onto the intranet begins. Oh the fun never stops here at Pod Central. At least it’s a mindless exercise – I mean really, how much brain power does it take to organize and rename files? I could probably do it in my sleep, but my pod mates frown on the noise level my snoring generates. At least it gives me plenty of time to mentally peruse ideas for D&B.

The First Draft in 30 (or 24…since that’s all the time I have) is going really well. Yesterday I spent the day adding in a few details to the character sketches – surnames, titles, how to address each of the characters (that’s an exercise in itself). I came up with a brainstorm idea on how two of the characters turned out to be related through an affair. I am trying to link the eight main characters in the four book series in some way or another. Two will be related through an affair, two will be stepbrothers, two will be connected through a betrothal to a brother that never came to be, two will be connected through a death, two will be childhood best friends. It’s all starting to wind together. I think I need a chart to keep track of it all.

Then you have the secondary characters and that’s a whole other chart to keep track of maids, butlers, and children. Yikes. The Outlaw Bride had a much smaller scope as far as characters were concerned. The Widowed Wives Series is a whole other ballgame.

I’m also realizing all the little things I need to research. There is a week designated strictly to research in FD30, and I’m going to try and complete as much of it as I can during that time, but I think there will be much more that I require. I’m not as concerned with that right now. If I can get enough done to be able to outline the story, I can fill in the gaps later. I just want to have it completed enough to pitch in Reno. I already have most of the research material I need, although I am still trying to find out some more detailed information on workhouses and orphanages. As for the exact year, I think I’ve pinpointed 1839. I want it to be very early Victorian period.

I spent this morning writing the summary outline and I plan on doing some brainstorming over lunch. This evening I will try and do some research just to get a jump start. Unless of course my American Psycho Director’s Cut DVD arrives in the mail, in which case I shall be glued to the tube. A girl needs to have priorities, after all.


Tess said...

Kelly - good luck with the outlining :-) Am curious to see how FDin30D works on a brand new ms. Will you update us?

Kelly said...

Sure thing - stay tuned for the continuing saga.