Sunday, July 03, 2005

Och, Unky, Where Are You?

What has become of my unky moods? I was becoming addicted to posting the little post it note drawings in my Mood of the Moment section, and now they are gone, the website no longer accessible. I noticed I'm not the only one with the problem. Poor unky seems to have been sucked into cyberspace with no forwarding address. I tried to replace him with an emoticon but I haven't figured out the correct html language to use to get it to show up properly and I'm too java-less at the moment to expend too much brain power on it. I hope unkymoods come back up. They were fun. (I'm easily amused...)

I am starting the First Draft in 30 Days process in earnest today. I have edited all but the last chapter of The Outlaw Bride. I'm still waiting on critiques for the final chapter before I complete those, so for now I'm throwing myself into D&B and on getting an outline completed before I leave for Reno on the 26th. Which means my 30 days are really now only 24. Guess I best get my butt in gear.

It feels good to have The Outlaw Bride finished, even if the final read through still remains. Someone at work asked me if I felt good about the story. It was the first time anyone had actually asked me that and I realized that yes, I was. More so than I thought I would be when I first came up with the premise two years ago. Through all the ups and downs of plotting and writing the characters really grew on me and by the time I started the rewrite in earnest, I had developed a great affection for them. I'll be sorry to see them go when it's all said and done. But I'm too excited to start the next set of books to mope around and feel sad about it.

Onward and upward I guess. And with only 24 days left to pound out a first draft, who has time for moping anyway??


kacey said...

Yes, I firmly believe that you have to LOVE what you write...otherwise, how is anyone else?? Yes, we all have those "this really stinks" days, but as a whole, if you don't think you're writing is GREAT, how can you expect anyone else to?

Good luck on the First Draft in 24 *g Days

nin said...

nice posting...

Lynn Daniels said...

I'm lamenting the disappearance of Unkymoods, too, and crossing my fingers they reappear next week.

Good luck with FDi30D! I love that book.

Michelle said...

Good luck on that first draft! I've never tried it, but I'd like to. Let us know how it goes. :)

Congrats on enjoying the book you've written.

Tess said...

I miss unkymoods too :-(

Good luck with FDin30D!!! Am curious to hear how you do starting from scratch :-)

luvdmb36 said...

I miss unky moods too!!!!!

good luck with your draft! :)