Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Guest Blogger - Pembroke Sinclair

Please welcome Pembroke Sinclair who is swinging by to talk about her latest release:

by Pembroke Sinclair

Coming From Nowhere was originally conceived when I was a junior in high school, which was a long time ago. The main story has remained intact, but the book has gone through four MAJOR revisions. If you were to see the very first draft, you wouldn’t believe it turned into the final version. I was inspired by many different things, but mainly movies. The main ones were Star Wars (Episodes 4-6) and Blade Runner. It’s pretty evident how those two films shaped my book.

Like Star Wars and Blade Runner, my book focuses on the characters, mainly JD. Told in third person limited perspective, the reader learns about the world the characters live in through JD’s perspective. I chose to focus on her because she doesn’t understand her world. I have to build a new world on Mars and in the rest of the galaxy, one that the readers can understand. By using JD’s perspective, nothing is taken for granted. The reader learns, as she does, the different nuances of the places she goes and how to survive. She has the help of the other characters, but everything is fresh and new, just like it is to the readers.

One thing I strive to do in my books is to make my characters life-like. They have some characteristics that make them slightly above average, but they still have emotions and feelings. Even though JD is trained in a military academy, she still reacts to situations like a normal person: she gets angry and she even cries. She experiences love and loss and what it’s like to be betrayed. The other characters have flaws, too, and sometimes the line between the good and the bad is blurred. My hope is that readers will find a character they can relate to, which will make the book that much more enjoyable to read.

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Julianne MacLean said...

It's always great to hear about an author who didn't give up! Congrats on the book release, Pembroke. Sounds like a great story.

Julia Smith said...

If most readers could see the first drafts of stories compared to the final drafts, I'm sure there would be a lot of surpises. So glad to hear you kept working on an early story that wanted to live.

bevp said...

Congratulations on your book, Pembroke. Sounds like it was a book from your heart.

Pembroke Sinclair said...

Thank you all! Sometimes being stubborn pays off!

Karen Covey said...

Congrats on your book release. Can't wait to get a chance to read it!