Friday, April 09, 2010

Guest Blogger - Robin Cain

As a novelist with a newly published book, I now spend a great deal of my time doing things that are greatly annoying the forthcoming characters of my imagination. Instead of getting lost up in their joys and sorrows, I have to set them aside – literally put their journeys on hold – so that I can spend time introducing the world to the ones whose story now resides in book form. I tell you, they don’t like that one bit and they’re becoming quite vocal about it.

The already-brought-to-life characters of
WHEN DREAMS BLEED, thrilled to now be out in the world, are just rubbing it in the faces of my new characters who sit cooling their heels, waiting to do the same. The new characters mumble and complain, pop into my head and distract me, waiting for their story to be told, while I spend my time booking social engagements for the others.

I have to tell you - it’s causing a great deal of angst among all of us.

The WHEN DREAMS BLEED characters, finally out of my head and living their own lives now, want nothing more than to be shared, experienced and introduced. Frank (the main character) tells me constantly that it’s HIS time to be on center stage and living large. After waiting nearly four years to be in print, his power hungry, Type-A personality wants his efforts recognized. Proud of his accomplishments and tenacity, he’s looking forward to being pretty smug. Despite his accident and the misery he’s caused others, he thinks he’s got it together now and wants to share it with the world.

Meanwhile, Sadie tells me that she just wants everyone to comprehend her reasons for doing what she did. She cries out for compassion and understanding of all she left behind; the decisions that nearly killed her. My heart still breaks for her.

Citra, on the other hand, frankly just doesn’t give a whole good gosh damn what anyone thinks. Self-absorbed and greedy, she’s only out for herself and willing to squash anyone and anything in her way. She is 100% convinced that everyone will agree with her actions. Frankly, she tells me, one would be a fool to not see it her way! She keeps telling me if it wasn’t for her their book wouldn’t be selling. Between you and me, I never liked that bitch, anyway.

Don’t get me wrong. My characters in WHEN DREAMS BLEED are nice people –at least in their own right. Honest. Yes, even Citra at times. No one would ever accuse of them of not being able to liven up a cocktail party, add interest to a lonely solitary night or not be remembered long after they’ve left the room. The lessons they’ve learned are good ones and all they want to do is share. Their actions have created a real page-turner and they are darn proud of it. If only they could just tell you themselves…

You see, each of them had dreams – dreams to be rich, dreams to be successful or dreams to be forever loved. Not unlike a lot of people, they thought happiness would be theirs…“if only”. Yet their dreams began to bleed – and for many of them, it was just a little too late.

So now they harp and whine and pester me in my sleep,
“Who are you telling about us now?”
“Where have you placed us?”
“You haven’t forgotten us, have you?”

They sit among the pages waiting to tell their story while just hounding me to get the word out. And at the same time, the new characters poke me on the shoulder, tap on my brain and wake me in the middle of the night…

“What about us?”
“When do we get our chance?”
“C’mon, leave those others to their own devices! We have a story to tell, too.”

Next time, I tell you, I’m making everyone far more self-sufficient…

Robin Cain


Anonymous said...

Oh boy, Robin, and now I MUST read your book. What a great blog. Thanks for sharing tidbits of When Dreams Bleed. Congratulations and best of luck keeping those characters in line. They all sound compelling.

Julia Smith said...

It's hard to get stuff done when a crowd of characters constantly interrupts. Hopefully, they'll understand it's all in their best interests.

Congrats on your new book, and nice to meet you here on Kelly's blog.

Annette Gallant said...

Great post, Robin. And congratulations on your new book! Your characters sound like very interesting people -- ones I'd like to learn more about.

Julianne MacLean said...

Congrats on the book release, Robin! Enjoyed your blog.

Kelly Boyce said...

Thanks for guest blogging, Robin!

Lilly Cain said...

You have to control those characters! Get out the whip! Err... sorry, that's my book. LOL Seriously, congratulations on the new book. I love the way you talk about your characters complaining to you. It makes them real, doesn't it?


Michelle Helliwell said...

Great post Robin! I found it troubling to leave some character behind while I concentrated on some new ones. My only consolation is that they should be busy in their HEA to bother talking to me:)

Renee Field said...

Totally hear you Robin. When the characters are talking in my head it means I've got to write their story. Yours sounds great.

scotialassie said...

Ha, ha, I thought I was the only one who had future book characters interacting with current ones. I haven't even read the first book and I can't wait for the second. What a great creative blog.