Monday, February 09, 2009

What Doesn’t Kill Me…

Week 1 of Booty Camp is underway. We had our fitness assessment on Saturday, and while I was pleased to see my weight was 2 lbs below what I had expected, I was not so thrilled to see my body fat percentage was 29.9%. Apparently it should be around 25%. The circumference of my hips also did not please me. Looks like I’ve got some work to do.

What kind of work you might ask? Well, the kind that involves two trips to the gym a day in order to fit it all in. You see, apparently what doesn’t kill me, will make me stronger. At least that is the mantra I am sure I’ll be muttering by the end of the week. Although, truth be told, I am quite excited to see where I will be by the end of this 12 week process. I plan on working hard to meet my goals, which include dropping 12 pounds to reach my goal weight, and 5 percentage points to get down to a healthy body fat. As for the hips…well I will be shaking my money maker until I knock a good 5 inches off those.

The workout component of the bootcamp includes 6 workouts per week. I knew they meant business when I saw that. I’ve already been going 5 times a week, so adding another day isn’t too bad. It’s just the intensity that’s about to get seriously amped up. Here’s what the week looks like for me:

Sunday: Resting (or make up day if I miss one of the other workouts)
Mon / Wed / Fri : 40 mins of steady state cardio (20 on elliptical stair / 20 on treadmill) and lower body strength training and core training
Tues/ Thurs / Sat: Yoga and 40 mins of interval cardio (treadmill climbing hills) and upper body strength training

Then of course, also on Saturday is our Bootcamp Team meeting / workout. But because it takes over an hour to get all the workouts done, I’m splitting it into half at lunch and half after work.

On top of that, we have the nutrition side of things which allows me daily: 6 serving of grains; 7 servings of fruits and veggies; 2-3 servings of protein; 2-3 servings of dairy; 3 servings of fat; and 8 glasses of water. Naturally all the food is of the whole wheat, low fat, etc variety.

And they gave us this lovely log book that we have to write everything down in. The logic being if we have to write it down, we’ll be more conscious of what we’re doing. Which seems to be the case. Because I didn’t want to write down that I ate a big piece of cake at my niece’s birthday party, so I only ate a very small piece.

Here are some new puppy pictures to end things off. They are 15 days old in these pictures.


Anne MacFarlane said...

Just reading about your workouts makes my back ache.

I'm much more the slow and steady type.

Lexi said...

Kelly, I write down weight watcher points and it does make a huge difference for me. Good luck with your bootcamp! You sound motivated, so that's half the battle. Cute pups, too!

Michelle said...

Good luck! I've been reading romance novels while doing cardio and it helps take my mind off the time spent. Hope you meet those goals!

Julia Smith said...

Cuteness Overload!!! I love that picture of the puppy on the sleeping puppy's head!

'As for the hips…well I will be shaking my money maker until I knock a good 5 inches off those.' - LOL!!

Cat Schield said...

You go girl. Even though it makes me feel like a huge slug, I love hearing about your workouts.

The puppies are so adorable. I want to snuggle every single one.