Friday, January 30, 2009

I’m Off to Boot Camp

Hi-ho, Hi-ho, it’s off to boot camp I go.

Work-out boot camp that is. I don’t think they’d want me in the military. I’d be just as likely to shoot someone who gave an idiotic order than the guy on the other team. But I digress.

As I was saying, work-out boot camp. It is based on the 12 week body changing program. Basically how they are doing it is setting up two teams. My team meets every Saturday morning, and the other team meets Thursday evenings. They work you out, teach you proper nutrition, etc. We compete against the other team for pounds lost. And anyone that knows me knows, I do love me a good competition.

Which hopefully will mean that I will buckle down with the healthy eating and get back into the habit of making better choices (you know, like carrots instead of carrot cake, that kind of thing). They give us this log book where we have to log everything we eat. Somehow the idea of having to write down the amount of crap I can consume is making me much less inclined to eat the stuff.

The free intro class is this Saturday and the 12 week run starts after that. My goal is to drop a pound a week minimum. I’ll keep you posted on how it goes.

Meanwhile, my revisions to Salvation Falls are going pretty good. I planned on getting 30 pages revised this week and ended up with 70 pages. The first few chapters were in pretty good shape. It’ll slow down a bit soon where I have more major changes and some rewrites needed, but its nice to get a bit ahead of the game first.

And, I’m hoping to have updated puppy pictures next week so stay tuned…
Which reminds me, we’re trying to develop a short list of names, so if anyone has a good idea for a golden retriever name, throw it at me.


Tess said...

Boot camp certainly sounds cool. Have fun! And I'm sure you'll lose the weight you want.

Yay for more puppy pics!!!

Can't really help with names - have a hard enough time naming my characters *g*

Anne MacFarlane said...

If I did something like a boot camp I could probably eat more - then I wouldn't have to dream about those fries and burgers someone had on their plate yesterday...

Annette Gallant said...

I'm so impressed you're doing this boot camp thing. Just the thought of it makes me tired!

Hmmm, puppy names.... Can't think of any right now, but will let you know if I come up with any.