Thursday, February 28, 2008

One More Thing

Because I didn't feel I had enough on my plate, I decided to add a little more. The psychic I visit once a year, a woman I have a great amount of respect for given the freakish accuracy of her predictions and knowledge, called me yesterday. She is giving a four week course on intuitive development she thought I would be interested in. Naturally she was right - hey, she's psychic after all. I had known of this course and been very interested in it, but kept forgetting to ask her about it. So when she called out of the blue and said she thought of me with respect to this and the first class started this week I decided to jump in and give it a go.

So now we have: the book edits, the day job, the new relationship, the guitar lessons and the intuitive development courses. This of course does not even begin to touch upon the piles of books to be read, the research I want to do, visiting my blog buddies and seeing what's new with all of you, the housework that likes to pile up, family and friends...sigh...

If I could figure out the cloning process and could sit the Kelly Clone at my desk for eight hours a day, I think I might be able to put a dent in all the other stuff. At least my edits are on track this week and I'm keeping up with the page count I wanted to accomplish.

In other news - I registered for the RWA conference yesterday. I am cleared for take off. Well, at least after I figure out where the money for the airfare from Nova Scotia to San Fran is coming from.

And, to top things off, my brother and his wife popped out Baby #3 last night at 11:23 pm. Baby Boy (name was still being decided upon between contractions - word is they have a short list) weighing in at 7 lbs and 18 oz, all fingers, toes and other necessary appendages intact and functional.

It's been a busy week.


Melissa Marsh said...

Congratulations on the new nephew!

And I hope the new relationship is going well. :-)

Dixie Belle said...

So much to do and so little time. I know the feeling!!

Toni Anderson said...

Congratulations on the new nephew :)

Hey, I'm researching psychics. I have lots of reading to do :) I've done lots in the past too, but need more information for a character. I hope the course is good. It sonds wonderful.

I didn't know about the new relationship... how did I miss that? Head in the clouds? I think you are doing amazingly well with all your hobbies/commitments. It is what makes a life.

julia said...

'a four week course on intuitive development she thought I would be interested in. Naturally she was right - hey, she's psychic after all.'

LOL! It sounds fun - can't wait till you 'already know' stuff about me.

Annie Mac said...

Busy, busy girl. I'm sure the conference will be well worth the money. You have lots of stuff to shop around so might be just the time to hook up with an agent.

Yahoo! on the new guy in your life.

And congratulations on the new nephew.

Lexi said...

Great news all around, Aunt Kelly! And at some point you have to find time to fill us in on the new relationship!

Annette said...

Congratulations on the new little nephew. Any names yet?

And that's so cool about the intuitive development class. I keep meaning to ask you about your psychic. It's been years since I went to one and keep meaning to go again.

Glad you decided to go to the conference. The money will go anyway, so why not spend it on something you really want???

Tess said...

Congrats on the new nephew :) I love the idea of the Kelly Clone!!!