Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Wanted: A Working Title

One week with the new and improved eyeballs. Although, despite being able to see without my glasses or contacts it isn't a complete cake walk. I'd be lying if I said the healing process was fun. It's actually a bit of a pain in the posterior because you want everything to be perfect when you wake up the next day. For some lucky people, it is. For the rest of us, we have to go through the process.

My left eye vision is sharp and clear. But because I had dry eyes before the surgery, the side effect of dry eye after the surgery is a little more pronounced for me, especially in the right eye, which is almost sharp and clear but the dryness keeps it from being completely so. Which is nothing worrisome and actually par for the course after surgery. It's just annoying as the dryness when it flares up is a tad uncomfortable. But I have my bottle of Refresh Tears which makes it relatively better. The dryness more pronounced when I'm staring at the computer for awhile or in air conditioning. Which is a good description of my entire workday and worst of all - my pod is directly under an AC vent.

Regardless, it is improving bit by bit each day. I go today to get first vision check to see where things stand so far. I just keep reminding myself healing is a process, not something that happens overnight, and to be patient.

On the writing front - Brimstone is booming along. I found another spot where I can cut one scene and blend its elements into another to tighten things up and save on the word count. I have some good news regarding Brimstone as well, but I want to wait to get official word before making any big proclamations. Either way, so far things are on track I think to finish by end of the month, possibly sooner.

Also, I agreed to be a regular blogger over at
Miss Make A Movie. That will begin in November or December. I'll keep you posted.

NaNoWriMo is fast approaching. If anyone else out there is partaking in the madness feel free to add me to your buddies list. I'm under lochbriar. I have my story picked out that I am going to work on and I'm really excited about that, but I can't come up with a working title or the name of the fictional town where it takes place. So I'm going to wrack your brains. The story has a redemption theme, takes place in the old west and the hero is a reluctant gunslinger with a reputation he doesn't particularly want. Circumstances regarding his gunslinger past bring him to the Unnamed Town where he meets our independent heroine with trust issues.

So - anyone have any ideas for the town name or working title? Throw them at me.


Christine d'Abo said...

I know this may be a bit silly, but why not call your town Redemption? Then you can play on the fact that there is very little redemption that actually goes on there, that is until your gunslinger shows up.

I'll think on this a bit more...

Kelly said...

That's what I wanted to call it, but it turns out it's a pretty common name so I wanted to find something that sort of meant the same, but was different. Redemption is my fall back though.

maxx said...

What about Redemption in another language? What is it in Spanish?

Melissa Marsh said...

Now I'm wondering what your bit of good news is!

CherylStJ said...

I love to brainstorm titles! Your theme is terrific fodder for interesting titles. Obviously, Redemption has been done, but there are many nuances to play with. I don't know what your target line is, but with westerns a strong hero name is often a good hook. The Redmeption of (Hunky Hero) supply hero's name there.

Redeeming Love (wah! too bad that's a classic!)
If redemption was your town name:
The Streets of Redemption

or play with a synonymn -
The Atonement
The Gunslinger's Pardon
The Substitute Hero
An Unlikely Trust
A Hero to Believe In
A Town Called Hope

Trust is a great theme, too.

Kelly, I'm signed up for Nano, so I'll find you - or find me - I used my name.

I take part in a western site with nine pards. Have you visited?

Annie Mac said...

How about Restoration County? Penance?

Annie Mac said...

Oh, and I added you as a Nano buddy because I'm still thinking about doing it.

annette said...

Mercy Ridge?? Maybe something like, Return to Mercy Ridge.

I also like cherylstj's suggestion: The Redemption of (hunky hero's name.

Kelly said...

Ooohh...I like Atonement since he has to go back and face the widow of the man he gunned down. These are great ideas - thanks Cheryl!

Tess said...

I'm terrible with titles, so can't help there. Glad your eyes are doing better :)

Mmmm - CB! Love that pic!!!

Toni Anderson said...

NaNo. I'm doing it. Signed up as me LOL. Who knew everyone used pseudonyms? I haven't updated my profile in ages but when I do I'll try and add you as a buddy :)

Dixie Belle said...

Love the photo! LOL You know I would. Is he the hero in your book? Glad to hear your surgery went okay!!