Sunday, October 21, 2007

Save Yer Balls!

I should have known better than to let the 'save yer balls' enter my twisted little cranium. Now it refuses to leave and I can't stop giggling. That just won't do. So I have renamed the town to Salvation Falls. Which I'm pretty sure won't rhyme with or sound like anything that will induce fits of sophomoric giggling. I hope.

Meanwhile, I have come up with so many ideas for this book that I am just jonesing to start!! It's like the stars aligned and everything just fell into place. There's story arc, GMC, obstacles galore, compelling backstories, problems to be overcome that actually match the GMC for a change. Oh yes...I cannot wait to write this story.

Meanwhile, finishing up Brimstone may take yet another hit. One of the flaps on my eyeball has vertical striations, which is basically just some rippling where it should lay flat. That's why the vision isn't as sharp as it is in the left. So I have to go see the surgeon tomorrow and he will decide whether to redo the flap then and there, or wait a couple months to see if normal blinking will smooth it out. If he decides to redo the flap tomorrow, I'm out of commission for another 48 hours. Which means writing like mad in the time remaining trying to get this book finished by October 31st so I can hand it off to the wonderful ladies who are going to give it a read through/critique before NaNoWriMo starts. At some point in November I'll be doing double duty, writing Salvation Falls for Nano and cleaning up Brimstone for the GH. Oiy vey. But not doing Nano is not an option. I am too stoked for it. So double duty it is.

I have a feeling the next 6 weeks are going to be crazy indeed.

And speaking of crazy - I've also had two more book ideas for contemporaries. One is more of a suspense/intrigue and the other a romantic comedy. Now if I could only find time to write all of these ideas I have I'll be all set...


Lexi said...

Don't you love when that happens, though? All those ideas floating and you're taking notes (mental or paper) for as many as you can as fast as you can. It's euphoric! Run with it!!

Annie Mac said...

I can feel your excitement for the new story. But Yikes! working on two stories at one time - that's a challenge.

I cringed just reading the words 'eye flap' and 'striations" makes me cringe. Hope all goes well with that.

Melissa Marsh said...

Hope that you won't need surgery to fix it - and that is heals very soon! (er, the eye, that is!) ;-)

Rene said...

I've been banging my head deciding what I want to do for Nano. But like you, skipping it isn't an option.

Hope you don't need surgery. Good luck.

Christine d'Abo said...

I love the title, Kelly! And yes, best not to rhyme with balls...LOL!

I hope everything works out with your eye, and you're not out of action for long.

Tess said...

Hope the surgeon's appointment went well and that your eye improves very soon.

Good luck with your mss!! YOu certainly will be one busy girl :)

annette said...

Salvation Falls. I like it!

I haven't really given NaNo much thought, but once Nov. hits I'll get into it. Haven't done any planning yet though, other than nailing down my idea.