Friday, August 10, 2007

A Friday Quickie

Just a quick post before I bolt off to work. The Storyboarding class is proving a huge help with my revisions. The Scene Sheet has helped me blend four scenes into one, cut a couple others and make notes on what I should be adding in to give the scene more punch. I think this will definitely replace the scene caps I was previously using as it allows me to put in more information about the point of the scene and how it changes the story.

If anyone gets the chance to take this course next time it is offered, I highly recommend it. Even if the Conflict Grid twists your brain into knots the way it did mine. It's a necessary exercise to make sure the story works before you get halfway through it and realize it doesn't.

I was definitely dreading revisions before I started this class, but now, I'm looking forward to it because its allowed me to wrap my head around what I need to do and I know the story will end up better because of it. Which is kind of the whole point.

And just for a little incentive - here's a pix from 3:10 to Yuma. A little Russell Crowe for Anne, and a little Christian Bale for me. Have I mentioned how I cannot wait for this movie to come out?

And, as a complete aside, here's a little shout-0ut to my Dad today who is celebrating his birthday today. Happy birthday, Pops!


Erin said...

Oooh, happy b-day to the G-Man! ;)

~She who is still being called "MRI-Guru", which your Dad gave me, years ago.

Christine d'Abo said...

Happy birthday to your dad! Funny enough, it's my mom's birthday today. :)

This course sounds awesome. I was going to sign up for it, but just didn't have the time. I will the next time she runs it.

Melissa Marsh said...

Happy birthday to your dad!

And that movie looks awesome. Anything with Russell Crowe is a given for me. And the addition of Christian Bale only makes it DOUBLE worth it!

Annie Mac said...

Happy Birthday Dad!

And thanks for the pic of Russell Crowe - it looks like one terrific movie.

Someone asked me how I could have sat through "A Good Year." Watching Russell Crowe for an hour and a half is always time well spent.

Dixie Belle said...

I know where you got that picture! LOL. Hey, I posted one of CB for you. It's really good.

julia said...

Three fabulous guys in one post - can I take it? Happy Birthday to your dad! Good to hear about that storyboarding course. I can relate to the brain-in-knots phenomenon. Mine's like that all the time... But at least it resembles Celtic knots. At least that's how it feels inside the old noggin.

julia said...
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annette said...

Hope your dad has a great birthday. :-)

The storyboarding class sounds good. I may take it next time.