Friday, March 09, 2007

My Fifteen Minutes

My Podmates got really creative early this morning before I came in. As I stepped off the elevator, I encountered the Kelly Boyce Walk of Fame that indicated where my desk was located and that I would be signing autographs between 2 - 4 pm.

Then I reached my pod and found it labelled Super-Stahh and the inside decorated with confetti and streamers and the like. Pretty snazzy. I think I'll keep it like this for awhile.

As for the documentary itself, I was really pleased. There was, of course, lots that got left out, but I think they managed to get the main points in. And the sword fighting and corset wearing made an appearance. Boob grabbing included! Ah yes...

Thankfully through the brilliance of good editing my nervousness in the editor pitch didn't show nearly as much as I thought it would, although I had to explain to my boss afterwards that when she said it didn't have the hook she was looking for, that was okay because when I pitched D&B it was still in the idea stage and hadn't been written as yet, so the feedback saved me a lot of time and gave me some guidance as to what an editor would be looking for, so it was all good.

Apparently someone brought in a tape of the show to watch during lunch hour. I think I'll let them manage that one on their own without my presence. That way, I can probably get the lunchroom to myself to work on my scene caps for D&B... the much improved version - hooks and all!

And if anyone is interested in giving Christine and Joanne feedback on the documentary, they're over at Miss Make A Movie, and interested to know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kelly!! You were poised and proffesional and quite charming! The docu was great.. so many big names and such great info about the Romance Industry. I'm sure your name will stick out with editors and agents who have, or who will see it. Though I'm heartbroken that my scene at the RWAC meeting (okay it wasn't just my scene but in my head it was all about me...)got cut but it all went so well I won't complain too much. Good on ya!
Also... you seem to work with a great bunch of people who know a stahh when they see a stahh.

Tess said...

Hey Kelly - mega Congrats!!!!! You were so poised and together. Even during the pitch :-) Love what your podmates did for you.

It was a tad embarrassing watching with my f-i-l, though *g*.

I really hope this leads to big things for you, well, this AND your amazing writing :-)

Melissa Marsh said...

Yay! I'm so glad it went well! Hope to see it one day. :-)

How cool of your podmates to decorate your cube. :-)

Annie Mac said...

You were terrific in the documentary - so poised and professional.

I enjoyed the whole thing and am planning on watching it again when my daughters aren't around to interrupt and I don't have to mute it so my youngest can't hear what Elora's Cave is all about (LOL)

Avon must be looking for a good historical writer to take the place of Kathryn Smith as she takes off with her paranormals and Lisa Kleypas as she moves on to contemporaries and St Martin's. Just remember: VIRGINS.

annette said...

Yay Kelly!!! I thought you did a fantastic job and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the right agent/editor sees it and gives you The Call! :-)

Love what your co-workers did to your cubicle. Nice to have that kind of support at work.

Lexi said...

Great pictures and I'm so happy you're happy with the documentary. Keep us updated on when we might be able to see it here in the States.

Stacy Dawn said...

LOVE the office--how fun! You did great! Loved the sword scene. By the you have the virgin heroine now then? LOL

Erin said...

Very cool, Kelly! Finally had the chance to watch all of it tonight. (being Friday) Loved the sword fightin - gonna put a scene like that in one of your books sometime soon?

And I don't know why people that know you would be surprised that you're writing romance. Sarcastic? Never!!

And tres cool on the pod!

Kelly said...

I compromised on the whole virgin thing. Instead of four widows I made them spinsters but let's just say at least one of them won't be wearing white at the wedding.

As it turned out, rethinking the widows ended up allowing me to take the books in a whole different direction that worked out MUCH better.

Christine said...

The documentary was awesome Kelly! It looks like your co-workers are a great bunch of people to work with too. :) You should be really proud.

Dixie Belle said...

Love the photos! I wish I could have seen the documentary. I know you did really well and your series sounds sooo good!