Thursday, March 08, 2007

Lights, Camera....Action!

It's D-Day! Who's Afraid of Happy Endings? premieres tonight on Bravo at 8:30 PM EST. I can't wait! I'm a bundle of nerves and butterflies. Nerves because I just know they have the pitch in there to Avon where I nearly hyperventilated myself under the table and I probably look like a total knob, but excited because I can't wait to see all the other stuff! I hope all of you able to see it can tune in. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. I have no doubts Christine and Joanna have put together a great film destined to be a fun ride through the romance writing industry.

In other news, and in the category Maxx and I like to refer to as, "When Things Go Horribly Wrong..." the plot issues I had with Finding Home reached catastrophic proportions by yesterday and I realized it needed a total reworking. I tried a bunch of different angles, and think I finally found one that worked, but it will mean serious reworking of the plot. This translates into -- not a hope in hell of getting a first draft done by March 31st.

So, deciding this story still required percolation time and I needed a break from it before I did my characters serious damage, I made the decision to return to Desire & Brimstone. My quartet of couples from this series have been prodding me to get back and finish their stories and I am anxious to do so. I picked up my foot high pile of notes and chapters and outlines and started leafing through them and felt the rush of excitement I always do when I think of these characters and their stories. D&B's first draft is done, but there is the inevitable revisions required after you spew everything out and need to tidy up (loosely translated - cut about 100 pages as usual). I also need to implant the story threads that will travel through the four books, as there is a bit of a mystery involved that overlaps and increases with each book in the series.

I get that tingly good feeling whenever I think about it.

So for now, I leave you with Devlin, my hero from Brimstone, looking austere and unyielding. Poor guy. He really has no idea how his perfectly ordered world is about to turn upside down.


Annie Mac said...

It sounds like your heart is really in these stories. Polish that baby and get it out there so you can get a fabulous three book contract. It's waiting for you.

Melissa Marsh said...

I hate it when the plot gets all screwy and it takes major rewrites to fix it.

Have fun watching yourself onscreen tonight!!!

julia said...

Rufus Sewell...Can't wait to start picturing him in your story.

Just checked out your interview on TV Guide's site - it was great!

Tess said...

Yay on D-Day!!! Have fun watching it.

Changing plot elements is always a pain. I hate all those ripples. Hope things work out.

LOVE that rush of excitement - characters really are like friends, aren't they?

So, are you still humming Andy Gibb? I still remember the poster I had of him up on my bedroom wall, the one with his shirt open down to his navel. I'm pretty sure he's wholly responsible for my preference for men with chest hair *g*.

Kelly said...

Julia - any interview where I get ot use the word 'porn' is always good.

Tess - yes I'm still humming Andy Gibb, but I've moved on to Shadow Dancing to add a little variety.

Julie S said...

I hope your premiere went well!

And congrats on the tingly good feeling. That's always a nice thing to have happen when you're getting ready to write!

Nancy J. Bond said...

I saw the documentary on Bravo this evening, and I thought you presented yourself very well. :) Good luck and continued success.

Bailey Stewart said...

I don't get Bravo, but I hope it went well.

Ah, the tinglies. Yes that's a great feeling.

And I had that Andy Gibb poster too!

Stacy Dawn said...

You did fantastic in the documentary last night!! You looked really comfortable in the interviews by your woodstove. As for your pitch session. I think you did great considering you were pitching AND a camera in your face LOL.