Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday's Progress

'Tis the season, so I thought I would use holiday pictures for the month of December to get in the spirit.

I managed almost eight pages this morning, giving me a total this week of 30 pages so far. I had to stop a few times and figure out what the heck the purpose of the scene was. And where I had to go, what I was trying to do, all that stuff. Still trying to figure out though how to hurry things up a bit. I have to set things up, but I think I might need to get to it quicker. Problem is, I can't rush it too much or it feels too...well rushed. But then I don't have the page count left to accomplish the rest of it without the ending part feeling...again...rushed.

Now I know why I like single title. Trying to jam everything into 70-75,000 words is painful. I'm at 22,000 words and already I'm starting to hyperventilate. Although I did have one idea of how I might get a better grip on what I need to do. I have these huge sheets of blank paper, sort of poster size. I think they were used for wrapping out stuff when we moved offices. Anyway, I thought maybe if I took one of them and plotted out the time line it would give a better visual of where I'm going and when I need to get there. I can break the line into three acts and figure out the general page count of where I need to hit each one.

Hmm...I think that might help. And, well, we all know how I love a chart.


Anonymous said...

You are flying! It's the best feeling in th world when you can get a good chunk like that written.

Melissa Marsh said...

WTG on the page count.

I've always wanted to try plotting my novel out on a long sheet of paper. I think it would help me visualize everything much better.

Tess said...

Great going on all those pages :-) And I always find a timeline useful. So Coop won't stand on it? The one time I tried something like that last year, the cats walked all over it and chased my pens *g*.

Lexi said...

Well, did the charting work?

kacey said...

well, a big poster or a dry erase board...that might help. Did it? Way to go on all the pages.