Monday, September 18, 2006

Wood, Cars & New Shoes

Updated: Fab at Forty

Got my wood all stacked on the weekend. By Saturday my back was all better. I think it was just a temporary soreness from my adjustment, nothing more. So I hauled and stacked for about three ours on Saturday and then started up again on Sunday. Saturday was pretty exhausting. I decided to go out afterwards and reward myself with a pair of shoes. I ended up with a pair of brown boots and a pair of black pumps. Sunday was much easier. Maxx showed up and gave a hand and together we got in a good workout and finished the job.

Today I have to take my car into the shop for its six month oil change, tire rotation thingy. Which cuts into my writing time, but I figure I'll just take the chapters of Brimstone I had yet to finish reading and make my notes on those while I waited.

I started my morning by going through and starting the edit on my first 35 pages for the Emily. It's been a while sense I entered a contest and I feel a bit rusty. Think I'll use the scoresheets just to remind myself of what I should be looking at.

I also plan to start researching and writing my query letters this week. I know the one agent I want to send it to who's at the top of my list, but I need to pick four more. Figure I'll send out five at a time and go from there.

How was everyone else's weekend?


Maxx said...

The back of my legs are a bit stiff today.

Kelly said...

I thought I'd be sore since I went for a walk yesterday as well, but I feel fine. Guess all this walking has me in better shape than I thought.

Tess said...

Mine was pretty busy - gym Saturday am, grocery shopping in the pm, cleaning house and lots of cooking! Plus giving Chloe her meds every 12 hours, but she takes them like a pro.

Glad you got all your wood stacked!!

Melissa Marsh said...

Glad your back is better. And you got good exercise stacking wood!

House hunting, watching a football game, sleeping in late, and writing - that was my weekend. :-)

Stacy Dawn said...

Glad you're feeling better and way to go on the wood!

Good luck with the queries.

Lexi said...

Good luck with the agent search and the contests!

Weekend wasn't long enough, but it usually isn't.

Dixie Belle said...

Kelly, hope you are feeling better. My back bothers me off and on. I think it is arthritis. Pits getting old you know. You burn wood for heat? Many years ago I lived in a house with a wood heater. That is back-breaking work but the heat is warm and I recall the smell of wood was inviting on a cold day.