Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The Fourth Quarter Rush

Figured since Cooper gets enough air time on here she should pop in and say hi. So say hi to the nice folks, Coop.

Meanwhile, turns out the first half of the old synopsis I had can still be used. The last half is mostly for the garbage bin since the last half of the story has changed too much since the two-year old synopsis was written. Still, it's a good start and will help immensely. If all goes well, I might get this off in the mail this week after all and meet my weekly goal.

So how that we're a few days away from entering the last quarter of the year, how is everyone doing with their annual goals? I had a look at mine and realized, as usual, part way though the year my goals changed.

Here's what I had:

  1. Query agents
  2. Finish Brimstone by mid-year and send out proposals
  3. Outline and get first draft of Saving Grace done
  4. If not contracted by November, enter Brimstone in the Golden Heart.

So, not quite what I actually did. I am in the process of querying agents, and I did finish the first draft of Brimstone by mid-year and I got the rough draft of Saving Grace down, though more in premise/synopsis form rather than a scene by scene draft. I decided against the Golden Heart this year but I did enter Brimstone in The Emily.

So here's the plan for the rest of the year:

  1. Query agents
  2. Do final clean up of The Outlaw Bride
  3. Do second draft of Brimstone

As for next year, I'm already thinking on that. We are doing a Goals Idol for our last chapter session of the year to help us set our goals for next year and I need to think of what I want to accomplish and what I need to do to get there.

So what about everyone else? Did you come close to completing your goals?


Anne M said...

I had to go check what my goals were. Fortunately I kept them simple:

1) Finish Unsuitable Mistress
2) Finish Impulse Control

About 30 pgs to go for #1, and about half finished #2. So still possible to finish.

Melissa Marsh said...

*waving* Hi, Coop!

I think my goals are about right where they should be. It's funny how they can change, though.

annette said...

Awww,what a handsome fella Coop is.

My goal for this year is to actually finish a manuscript before starting a new one. So, no more hopping from wip to wip until my current one is finished.

Tess said...

Love the pic of Coop - he's such a cutie.

As for goals, I'm way behind. A consequence of all the stuff involved with the move, etc.. And my ability to procrastinate *g*.

But at least I'm getting some submitting done!