Thursday, August 10, 2006

Prep Work for the BIAW

Before I get started, just an FYI: I have finished the redesign on my website and it is now up and running. Check it out: . There's still a little font tweaking required, but other than that I think I have it where I want it.

Starting August 14th, I'm doing another BIAW. Rene and Melissa are hosting it over at
Villa in Tuscany, so if your interested in joining check it out. It's probably been at least a year since the last one I did and I'm really looking forward to it. While you're working hard and fast, the work is different than your every day. You can't look back, can't edit, can't rehash what's already been done. It's all forward motion. Before my first BIAW my internal editor ruled. After the BIAW, the internal editor was put in its place and now is only allowed out when I need her. It changed my writing drastically as far as allowing me the freedom to just write without worry that what's coming out is crap. It's like Nora Roberts always says: I can edit anything but a blank page.

I've started the prep work. My revisions to Outlaw Bride will be finished tomorrow, save for the final read through/clean up (yay!) and then I am good to go.

So, let's see, what is involved:

Warn your family...hmm...none of my family lives with me and even if they did the chances of any of them being up at 5:45 am is pretty much slim to none.

Plan easy meals...check. That's pretty much the only kind I know how to make. Vector cereal anyone?

Get chores done ahead of time...oorrrrr leave them until later. I think I'll opt for the latter. Hey, those dust bunnies are not going anywhere.

Arrange to let co-workers know you will writing during your lunch hour...well they already see that on a regular basis, so that won't be anything new. And we never go out to lunch, we usually order in.

Stock up on healthy snacks...chocolate is healthy right? I'm sure I read that somewhere.

Get a sense of what you want to write, your characters, setting, some sense of plot--an outline if you can otherwise at least some notes. Got it covered. I've already started outlining the contemporary whose title still eludes me. I'm up to chapter 11, more than enough to get me through the week.

Mentally prepare yourself. Tell yourself you will keep writing--no matter what! That pretty much sums up most of my writing days.

Alrighty then! I am good to go.


MaryF said...

Love your website!

Good luck with BIAW - I stink at those.

Anonymous said...

I loved cruising your new site! Well done :)

Nienke said...

The website is great. Looks like you're well prepared to work on your WIP. Good luck!

Peggy said...

Website looks great, Kelly! Have fun with BIAW!

julia said...

What a lovely surprise when the new site came up. I even gasped out loud with glee!

Looks wonderful.

And I fully agree that chocolate counts as a healthy snack.

Melissa Marsh said...

Great website, Kelly! And I read your excerpt - AWESOME. An agent or editor is going to snap that thing up!

Tess said...

Dark chocolate is healthy, oh wait, you don't like dark chocolate. Hmmm, well, there's milk in milk chocolate and we all know how healthy milk is, right :-)

Love the website!