Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Kicking Into High Gear

I spent most of Sunday working on the revamp of my website. I inputted the majority of the content required, downloaded some new fonts, changed the color scheme (glacier...very cool). The only thing that is left is to write up a little blurb for the two contemporaries, come up with a title for the second and, of course, to insert my 'brand'.

I'm still struggling with that, trying to find one that relates to both the historicals and the contemporaries. It's hard to find one that translates to both, but I'm zeroing in. I want to have the new site up and running for when I start sending out queries in September.

As for the revisions of The Outlaw Bride, things are still going along swimmingly now that I have figured out the problem I encountered with sequence of events in the ending chapters. Now it's just a matter of incorporating those changes into the writing, which means revisiting what was originally written, and pulling parts of the initial first draft to re-insert and rework to fit the newest version.

With the conference in Atlanta over, and a year since my Reno experience, I feel this urgency to get things moving, as if time has passed and I haven't been as effective with it as I could have. I almost feel like I'm falling behind where I thought I should be at this point. Part of it is just impatience. I want to reach the next level and I wish I had more time in my day to work on it. The sooner I get there, the better chance I have of making it a full-time career. With that in mind, I've decided to take a second look at my schedule, try to figure out ways to carve out more time. Re-dedicate myself to the process. After making such great headway over my vacation, I don't want to slow down. It's time to kick this up to the next level, so when it comes time to head on down to Dallas next year, maybe I can go with a First Sale ribbon glued to my name tag.

So what about the rest of you? Any solid plans for between now and next year's conference?


julia said...

I'm getting ever closer to actually sitting in my desk chair and writing new material. All thanks to my pack rat husband who cleared the desk off for me. When your pack rat husband clears away a tottering avalanche mess because he's anxious for you to finish your book, you know you've got true blue support. Also, my critique group is edging ever closer to where I left off, so I need something new to give them - in a hurry.

I suppose I'm planning to have the full MS done by Nov. That would be a year since I started it.

Tess said...

Yep, like you, I want to get moving. Get an agent, etc. Maybe even sell a book :-)

Rene said...

Oh, I'd like to have at least two books complete. I would also like to sign a multi-book deal with a 6 digit advance, fight off Johnny Depp's and Hugh Jackman's inappropriate propositions and buy an Aston-Martin DB9. I will settle for the first and to lose 30lbs. before Dallas.

Melissa Marsh said...

Finish the book I'm working on now and land an agent. :-)

Stacy Dawn said...

Hopefully write more.

Good luck on getting organized.

Kelly said...

I like Rene's suggestions! Only I'll substitute Christian Bale and Simon Baker. And probably throw in Cole Hauser just to keep things fun. And instead of the Aston-Martin, I'll buy a hobby farm with my 6 figure advance.

Julie S said...

I definitely need to get my bootie in gear. I'm planning on Dallas next year too. So besides finishing my WIP and writing at least one more book, I'd love to lose a few pounds!!!