Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Not So Lazy Long Weekends

No picture again thanks to @#$%ing blogger....

I didn't write at all this weekend other than to jot down some ideas for the two contemporaries swimming in my head. I did do lots of other stuff though.

Friday I took the day off work to stretch it into a four day weekend. My sister and I skipped out to see The Devil Wears Prada. Good movie, a little different than what I thought it would be and not nearly enough Simon Baker, but Meryl Streep was amazing as usual. Talk about the boss from hell. Oiy. I went for a walk and popped into the library to pick up some holds and a few movies for the weekend as well. Also finished off Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie.

Saturday everything was closed for Canada Day. I got up relatively early and started reading The Undomestic Goddess by Sophia Kinsella. Later on, I tried to mow my lawn but succeeded in only wrenching my shoulder when the mower ran out of gas. I refilled it but when I went to restart...well you see, the problem is that whoever designed the gas mower didn't take into account the fact that some of the people trying to start it with the pull cord were not going to have a long arm span. So starting it means I have to really jerk hard and try to pull my arm back as far as it can go. Even then, it usually isn't far enough and it takes me about 7 tries to get the stupid thing going. Only this time it wouldn't and then I wrenched the muscle in my shoulder and couldn't even try anymore. Later that day I went up to my parents place to drop off the gas can I borrowed and hang out with my sister and nephew who are staying there while their house is being renovated. She bbq'd me a steak for supper and afterwards Dad showed up and said he'd stop in at 8:00 the next morning on his way to my sister's house to help her fiancé with the roof. I came home and read some more, watched The Island (pretty good) and went to bed.

Sunday, Dad shows up around 8:30 and gets my mower started with one rip of the cord. I consider ordering a longer pair of arms on eBay. Preferably a set also attached to a hot male with a set of six pack abs and full head of hair. Piercing blue eyes would be nice too, but I'm willing to negotiate on that point. So while my neighbors cursed me I'm sure for the early hour, I mowed the rest of the lawn while batting away a swarm of black flies that tried to eat me alive. Then I met my sister and we went for a long walk then watched The Bad News Bears. I went home, fixed up the root situation sprouting out of my skull and went to dinner at Maxx's where she fed be delicious manicotti. Then we toddled off to Starbucks for coffee, then back to my place for our weekly writing/gab session. We did talk about writing for a bit this time for a change. Then we sat there and looked through our junior high yearbooks and laughed at all the things we found in them.

Monday I thought I would just goof off but after I got up early and finished reading The Undomestic Goddess (awesome book by the way - loads of fun, laugh out loud, highly recommend), I had a spurt of energy. So I went to the local Farmer Clem's and picked up a few plants for the garden, planted them, weedwhacked, did laundry, organized a few rooms, went for a long walk, made biscuits and burgers, and then soaked in the tub to ease my aching muscles and started reading Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie. Then I watched Dreamcatcher and Shall We Dance. The first was good, the second so-so. Light on plot but the dancing was fabulous. I crashed and burned by 10:30 pm and wished I had another day's vacation to recover.

As for the go-carting on Thurday--it was a blast! Loved it! I did pretty good. Just fell short of qualifying for the final heat by 2 seconds, but I did manage to win a couple of my laps. I'd do it again in a heartbeat.


Peggy said...

Wow, sounds like a nice and relaxing weekend. Well, except for the wrenching your shoulder out bit. If I had the money, I think I'd buy that new rechargeable lawnmower. Gas truly sucks.

MaryF said...

Ugh- I've wrenched my shoulder starting the dang lawnmower, too. Instead of the longer arms, I got my son to start mowing!

Julie S said...

It sounds like you had a fun weekend!

I totally hear you on the lawnmower. I can't start ours at all. At least I have a good excuse not to mow the lawn though!

Stacy Dawn said...

Sounds like a great weekend. My arms are stubs where lawnmowers are concerned.

Rene said...

I don't do yardwork. I warned hubby when we got married.

I wanted to read the Kinsella book. I heard it was really funny.

You sure logged in the movies. Pretty impressive.

Tess said...

Sounds like a great weekend, wrenched arm aside!

I glommed Kinsella's Shopaholic series over the last few weeks and just arrived home with Shophaholic and Sister. Someone grabbed Undomestic Goddess off the shelving cart before I could get to it :-( You're right - her writing is LOL funny. Sean has been rather confused lately, until he realizes I'm reading *g*.