Friday, May 12, 2006

Too Cold for May

My basement feels sub zero this morning, so I'm whipping off a quick posting and taking my notebook upstairs where it's closer to the coffee. Not much to report today. It seems everyone is in favor of the London trip, and to be honest I'm leaning that way myself. I'll have to start figuring out how to get the cash together now, always the biggest challenge.

Watched a few movies this week:

Sahara - not super heavy on plot but a fun ride.
Brothers Grimm - very disappointing, turned it off after about 45 minutes
In Good Company - very good, more serious than I expected but definitely worth the watch
March of the Penguins - I want one

I still have one more from the library to watch. I forget the name but Joseph Fiennes is in it, although I picked it up because Rufus Sewell is in it.

I had to return The Historian to the library before I finished it which nearly killed me. I'm on the hold list again so hopefully in a month's time I'll get it back and be able to finish it. In the meantime I will console myself with Mary Balogh's back list that. One Night of Love I think is next on my list. I had Gayle Callen's book The Lord Next Door to read next but there was an element to it that was slightly similar to D&B so I decided not to read it. I'll have to wait until after D&B for that one. Too bad, I was looking forward to it.

So that's about all for today. Quick and dirty. Well quick anyway. Now my numb fingers and I are going in search of higher ground.


Peggy said...

That would drive me insane, unable to finish a book. Especially if I'm into it. Wouldn't they let you renew?

Kelly said...

No, if there are holds on it you can't renew. I was halfway thru. I considered just keeping it and paying the fine but I know I'd be PO'd if someone did that to me if I was waiting. But there are quite a few copies in circulation so I should get it back soon...

Melissa Marsh said...

LONDON!!! Definitely go to London. I absolutely LOVED London. It will be worth every single penny!

Rene said...

My library rents the good books. I won't go there on principle. I got "The Historian" at Costco the day it came out. Perhaps that is why I'm so slow reading it.

Our May is finally warming up. But for some reason my house is cold. And then at 2 p.m. it turns into an oven.

Kelly said...

It's beautiful here now. I should have left my windows at home opened but it was cold when I left this morning so I didn't. Supposed to be sunny and warm allll weekend. Yay!

Michelle said...

I've had that happen to me before. I just paid the fine--the book was too good! :)

Nikki said...

I really liked In Good Company too ... and something about geeky guys I like!

It's still not that warm here this weekend though, is it??