Thursday, April 20, 2006

The Return of Vaughan

I knew it! I knew they wouldn't kill Vaughan off. Yay! I'm so happy Alias is back on, even if it is only for six final episodes before leaving forever, depriving me of those crazy spy shenanigans. It was fun get back into it. I still love that show. Sigh...I guess next year I'll just have to content myself with my DVD collection.

And speaking of DVDs, I managed to find a good deal on a new Christian Bale movie. Actually not a new movie, I think it was done in 2003, but it was never released here in Canada that I'm aware of, so its new to me. It's called All The Little Animals and he plays a guy who was brain damaged in his teens and never mentally developed past a certain age. Now he and John Hurt's character spend their time burying the animals that get killed by careless motorists who tear through the road on the property they live. And then his abusive father comes back into the picture...anyway sounds strange and interesting, typical CB movie, you're never quite sure what you're going to get but it's always fun to watch. It should be arriving in my mailbox within a few days.

And so will my cheque from the Tax Man. Woo hoo! Just in time too because I have to get down to the bridal store and order my maid of honor dress before the end of April.

In writing news, I'm 11 pages away from my desired page count and nowhere near finishing. I expect I'm going to run about 50 pages over, maybe a little more. So I'll have to do some cutting. Luckily I've been thinking about areas where I can do that and have come up with some ideas that I think will work. Although finishing D&B by end of April is looking a little dicey. It might be mid-May. We'll see.

I want to start brainstorming on Book 2 while I'm doing the revisions for The Outlaw Bride. I have the basic premise, but I need to incorporate a few more elements and I'm just not sure what those elements will be. But hopefully my critique group will be up and running soon and we can get going on that.

Still no sunshine here in Rainville, but I heard a rumor we might get some for the weekend...


Tess said...

Cool on the CB movie, yay on the tax man cheque (still waiting here, tap, tap, tap goes my foot!), woo hoo on writing progress and fingers crossed for weekend sunshine!

Peggy said...

I love finding movies with odd storylines, hope you enjoy it. Congrats on the writing, hope you reach your goal. And hugs on the rainfall, heard about it on the news. Hopefully the sun will come out soon.

Melissa Marsh said...

Tax checks are the best! Unfortunately, we had to pay in our state taxes this year. Ah well.