Thursday, March 09, 2006

Doctor Visits

So anyone who has been reading the blog knows about my fun and exciting trip to the ER a couple weekends back. Well, while I was there they of course sucked some blood out of me and did a bunch of tests. They came back and said my bloodwork looked great and nothing was wrong. Good stuff, wonderful, lovely, glad to hear it. Except then last week I had a call from my doctor's office. "Hello Kelly, your doctor has received your bloodwork from the Emergency room and she wanted you to come in and go over it with you."

Um...why? Why?? They said I was fine? Why do you want to see me?? Of course it was a message on my answering machine so I didn't get any answer and they never tell you anything over the phone when you call to make the appointment. Still, I wasn't worried, because hey, the cute doc in the ER said everything came back great, no problems. Maybe this was just routine.

So I mentioned it to a couple of people and they kept giving me this strange expression. The one that said 'oh no you are marked for death!' Well, okay maybe their expression wasn't that bad, but they did look a little dubious when I suggested it was probably all routine. One even had the audacity to say 'well if everything is fine they wouldn't want to see you'.


"You know doctors are really busy, they wouldn't haul you in there unless there was something they needed to tell you."


"But you feel fine, right? Not like you're sick or dying or anything?"

Um...well I was feeling fine until you started talking, but thanks...thanks a lot....

In my gut I don't think it's anything. Really. I mean, the ER doc wouldn't tell me everything was great if it wasn't. Maybe it's just my low iron. Yeah, maybe she just wants to remind me to eat more red meat and B12 and Vitamin C. Sure, that's probably it.

I mean, I'd feel at least a little blah if there was something horribly wrong. Right?

You know, doctors really need to start imparting information over the phone. Sigh...okay, I'm off to the doctors then....


Tess said...

Arrgggh - I HATE when doctors do that. They've done it to me any number of times. Often, though, it's nothing. In fact, my doc now knows to CALL ME if she thinks I'm going to freak out by one of those auto calls from her office.

That said, I hope everything is fine.


Peggy said...

I'm sure everything's fine, Kelly. Doctors have this pet peeve where they hate when you go to emerg instead of them---unless of course it's a real emerg.

Kelly said...

Turns out my gut was right and I'll live to see another day. It's the same ole same ole. Looow iron. Only they can't figure out why and think it may be an absorption syndrome thingy that begins with an "M" and the rest of which was lost on me because my doctor has a strong accent. Although I heard her perfectly when she said I only looked 29 not 39. Hmmm...go figure. Anyway, just need to get some bloodwork to check for that and then go from there, but since I"m super healthy otherwise I'm not too concerned. I've had low iron my whole life so its nothing new.

Melissa Marsh said...

Glad it was just low iron, Kelly.

I've had that phone call so many times...but it continues to bug me. Why can't they just leave a message? But it's probably that confidentiality policy, blah, blah, blah. I hate coming home from work and finding a message on my machine because then I stew over it until I can actually call during business hours the next day.

Tess said...

Glad to hear it was something simple :-) A lot of women seem to have low iron problems.

Michelle said...

Whew on just having low iron! But still, take care of yourself, okay?

Peggy said...

I get the low iron count thingy too! Glad everythings's fine.