Wednesday, January 18, 2006

They Say It's My Birthday

Ah yes, it has arrived. The first day of my 39th year. Or, as I like to refer to it as -- the last gasp of my thirties. I have no celebrations planned, other than to get my hair cut, which I'm actually looking forward to. I feel like a change. Although granted the biggest change will just be lobbing about four inches off the bottom and bringing it to my shoulders, but hey, wouldn't want to get too crazy.

In writing news, I'm back on track with Desire & Brimstone. I've passed the 100 page mark this week. About 75 to go and I'll be at the halfway point. Although I may have to do some reworking of the middle to cut it down a bit, or I'll be (insert mock gasp here) over my intended page count.
Also, I called Jessica Alvarez at HQN (actually she's with Silhouette, but she had requested The Outlaw Bride on behalf of HQN) to see if my manuscript arrived there since Canada Post had determined that since they couldn't find it, it must be lost (and here we shall insert an eye roll). Ms. Alvarez sent me an email back saying she had received it back in December but had unfortunately decided to pass on it and that she had sent it back to me last week. She said if I didn't receive it within a week or two to let her know and she would resend a copy of her letter. I'm hoping the letter gives some feedback into the reasons for passing on it that will hopefully allow me to fix any problems she found with it. She was really nice about it in her email and I definitely appreciated her getting back to me so quickly. I've heard horror stories of people waiting months and months and getting a no thanks, then all that time was wasted when you could have been marketing it elsewhere.

Oddly enough, the rejection didn't bother me. There was about a five second jab of 'oh crap', but then it just went pffftt and disappeared and I went on about my evening as if it were of little consequence. I have to admit, this being my first rejection since the 800 lb paperweight I sent out 12 years ago before I had a clue what I was doing, I thought it would, I dunno...hurt. I thought it would feel far more crushing than it did. Or even some deep pinch of disappointment. But no...nada. And while I'm glad for that, I keep thinking 'this can't be normal'.

I sent out a few emails to let people know I had heard the news and then set to work stripping the wallpaper border off my dining room so my father could start painting it the following day (my Christmas present - paint and my Dad's painting services for my living/dining room). And I was in a good mood. Energized even. Did anyone else have a similar reaction, or am I really one step away from the loony bin?


Peggy said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly! Did you take the day off or do you have to work?

Sorry about the HQN. What a lot of hassle with the post only to get that response. But, yes, at least it was quick. I think the longer it's at a house, the higher your hopes grow, so a quick turnaround would probably make the R less painful.

Tess said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Enjoy your day :-)

Hugs on the R. Glad you were able to put it in perspective so quickly.

Cool Christmas gift from your dad!

Nikki said...

Happy BDay Sexy!!!!

I think you weren't too disappointed about the rejection because you're realistic about the process ... that's my theory anyway. Good head on your shoulders .. even if it's an old one (couldn't resist ... sorry!).

And EVERYONE gets rejected at the beginning ... the important thing is that you're gettin' it out there.

Have a great day!!!

Melissa Marsh said...


Sorry to hear about the rejection, but I think you handled it well. I've had the same kind of response to a rejection. It has a way of energizing you to get back into the game and look for another potential editor/agent to represent you.

kacey said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Well, bummer on the rejection. Hope the letter turns up so you can see what she says in it. Hope it says something helpful.

Sometimes I'm incredibly bummed out and depressed when I get rejections, but sometimes I just bounce along on my way. And I dont' know why some hit me one way, and some another.

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday, Kelly!

So sorry about the HQN rejection. They're tough to break into. But glad you're not too disappointed. Hugs anyway!