Thursday, January 19, 2006

Lost in the Zone

Oops, I got lost in the zone this morning, so only have time for a short post before work. Things with D&B are really starting to gel together. Finally the characters are talking to me, rather than going about their business and informing me of what they're doing later. I'm feeling more connected to them now, more inside their heads. Hence the zone, I think. I edited what I wrote yesterday and did seven new pages this morning.

As for the birthday, it went really well. One of my co-workers took me out to lunch yesterday and then I went and got my hair chopped off. Nothing super drastic, just from about mid-back to up to the shoulders with some layers. It feels all swingy and sassy now. Then I came home to see the progress my Dad has made on the painting. All the walls are washed, the holes filled in. Today he'll finish the prep work and start the actual painting. I can't wait to see what the colors look like on the walls. He even cleaned my kitchen while he was there. I asked him if he wanted me to leave him a list of other housework I needed done.

That's about it for today - have a good one!


Tess said...

Glad things are going so well with your writing that you lost track of time. That's always a good sign :-)

Your haircut sounds nice. Reminds me I need to make an appointment to get mine done *g*.

Melissa Marsh said...

Sounds like your birthday was great! And the writing is going well, too! Woo hoo!