Thursday, January 26, 2006

Plan of Action

Just a few minutes before I have to get ready for work so here's a quick update of what's been going on.

D&B: Breezing right along. Another 5 pages completed today for a weekly total of 24. One page away from my goal of 25 and still two days of writing left. I have loved this story since the idea for the stories came to me in a molten rush that very nearly caused a brain melt. After a slow start, I finally feel as if I'm in the story, one with the characters.

The Outlaw Bride: Got my letter back from Jessica Alvarez at HQN. As far as rejection letters go, it left me in a very upbeat frame of mind. She pointed out specifically what she liked (setting, research, premise, number of enjoyable elements) and what she felt needed to be fixed (missed some opportunities for drama to rev up pacing, repetitious thoughts). Luckily the items she pointed out as needing work are all fixable elements, so I feel very positive I can make the changes and get it back out there again.

Since I've hit my groove with D&B and don't want to break that, I've decided to complete my first draft of that story by end of March. Then I'll make my changes to TOB and get it back out there. Once that is done, I'll go back and finish my second draft of D&B with a goal to having it ready for the GH in November.


Tess said...

Kelly - yay on the 5 pages. And yippee on the comments from Jessica A. Pretty cool she'd be so specific on what works and what doesn't. Always nice to hear such helpful criticism from an editor. Sounds like the kind of letter you'd receive only months before you sell :-) You obviously have all the right elements in your story!!

Kelly said...

Thanks Tess. And she did say if I had anything else I thought would fit Harlequin or Silhouette, she'd be happy to look at it, so that was encouraging.

Melissa Marsh said...

That sounds like a great rejection letter. WTG on the writing! You're really doing well!

Michelle said...

So sorry the story didn't work for her! But wtg on such great comments. Yay on that!

Peggy said...

Congrats on the feedback, Kelly. I understand getting anything back from HQN is pretty impressive. Good job.