Friday, January 27, 2006

The New World

I'm finally going to see Christian Bale's new movie this weekend. My friend and I were trying to go together because she is a huge Colin Farrell fan, for reasons that escape me, but she also likes Ricky Martin, so what can you do? Anyway, my friend's strange celebrity crushes aside, we were unable to hook up, and while The New World isn't a big blockbuster, I worried if I didn't see it this weekend it might leave the theatre and move on before I got a chance. So this Sunday I've decided to take myself to the movies and enjoy an afternoon matinee.

Now here's something I find strange, not that anything to do with Hollyweird isn't usually strange to start with, but let's face it - Colin Farrell hasn't exactly been batting a thousand in the movie theatres lately. I mean Alexander? Heeellllloooo? Need I say more? And the guy pretty much has a reputation of being a drunken, swearing lout who's goal in life appears to be getting soused and then crawling into the pants of any girl foolish enough to think that was a good idea. Hardly the picture of a hero.

Then you have Christian Bale. Sure, he 's been operating in the background for some time, making quirky movies (Machinist, American Psycho), but he's also coming hot off the heels of a summer blockbuster in Batman. He keeps his personal life private, not splashed all over the headlines, lives a relatively low key life with his wife and new baby and quietly goes about his business of making movies.

Now if I'm the marketing execs in Hollywood, I'm marketing The New World as something of a romance, then am I going to market it more as a Christian Bale movie? Or am I going to market it as a Colin Farrell movie? Well call me crazy people, but I'd be choosing to focus on CB. Yeah, yeah, I know, he's my favorite so I'm definitely a biased opinion, but he's also the better actor. I've never seen a Colin Farrell movie that rocked my socks off and made me leave the theatre thinking, damn, he's good. But I'm always impressed with CB, even in mainstream roles such as Batman or Reign of Fire he brings something to the role that makes it more than what it probably looked like on paper. And who would you consider a more romantic, heroic lead? Drunken Colin who can't get three words out without an expletive? Or Batman?? C'mon.

All I'm saying is, that maybe if the execs had focused a little more on Christian in their promotion, and a little less on Colin, that maybe, just maybe, they would have lured in more viewers and made more money. But did they take my advice? Nooooo. They just issued yet another restraining order and told me to stop calling their offices. Oh, and something about staying 500 feet away from anyone affiliated with the production, blah blah blah. Whatevah.


Tess said...

Let me know what you think! I mean, aside from CB *g*. The movie reviewer here on the CBC raved about TNW, so I'm really curious. It may end up being a rental at this point for us - I'll just have to put aside what I know about Pocahontas' ultimate fate.

And I agree with you 100% re CB vs CF - no contest at all!!! I've been a CB fan since Reign of Fire and LOVED him in Batman Begins.

Peggy said...

This movie is on my like to see list. I don't know much about Farrell other than he's a foul mouth bad-boy. And for some reason I find that attractive!! As for Christian Bale, I'm sorry to say, I don't even know who he is. I'm sure I've seen him in something, but the name doesn't ring a bell. Besides, isn't Farrell the male lead? And what about his co-star? Isn't she a fifteen year old actress? Now there is an odd couple.

Nikki said...

I loved Colin Farrell in Tigerland and The Minority Report. He was really good in those.

His problem isn't that he's a bad actor ... he's just kind of a PR nightmare.

But I still think CB should have got more billing -- he's not even really in the previews!!!

Melissa Marsh said...

I TOTALLY AGREE. Colin Farrell, while having the capacity to be hot and sexy, is SO NOT lately.

Now Christian Bale, OTOH, is simply divine for all those reasons you listed. I like the guy. I'd like to sit around and drink a beer with him. Shoot the breeze. And I know he wouldn't try to seduce me (although if he DID try, I wouldn't mind...he he). Colin Farrell, though, would be all ABOUT the seduction.

They should have marketed New World with CB instead. I didn't even know he was in the movie until I saw a preview and his name popped up. I thought, whoa, maybe I WILL go see this movie after all!

Michelle said...

How was the pacing? I heard it was incredibly slow and boring. But then again, it wasn't Batman, so who's to say?