Friday, December 30, 2005

10 Reading Secrets

1) I started reading before my fourth birthday thanks to impatience and Sesame Street.

2) I got hooked on happily ever afters early by devouring every fairy tale in sight.

3) All I ever really wanted as a kid was a time machine. Reading historical novels is as close as I’ve been able to get to traveling back in time.

4) I used to get grounded a lot but the one thing my mother refused to ever ground me from was reading. And that would have been the only thing that would have worked.

5) I’ve read Lad: A Dog by Albert Payson Terhune about a hundred times. That may be a conservative estimate.

6) I don’t trust anyone who doesn’t like to read.

7) Discovering historical romance novels got me through a very dark period in my life.

8) I usually identify more with the hero of the story than the heroine.

9) I love reading books with dark undertones that put the characters through an emotional ringer.

10) I keep buying books despite having a TBR pile that numbers over 100 because I have a deep-seeded fear that if I stop, someday I’ll run out and have no books to read.

I now tag Nikki, Maxx and Peggy.


Melissa Marsh said...

I can't stop buying books, either. I have so many that I doubt I'll ever read them all. But that doesn't stop me from hitting Barnes and Noble and the used bookstores!

MaryF said...

I can't stop, either.

I bet that Twilight Zone episode where the guy breaks his glasses is your least favorite, too, huh?

Michelle said...

I've been reading historical romances for as long as I can remember. Is it me, or are the older ones less satisfying now? I reread an old Judith McNaught book that I *loved* at first, and now it just doesn't do it for me.

Nikki said...

I was just in Chapters today and thought that I needed to buy more.

What I really need is more money ...

When we win the lottery, we could spend ALL our time at Chapters. Not togehter though ... don't get any ideas ...