Monday, October 03, 2005

Revved & Ready

We had our monthly RWA chapter meeting yesterday and finished with our nominations & elections, so starting in January I'll be starting my run as President for the year. Should be fun. I've been vice president for the past two and really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to it.

After the business meeting we discussed a Book in a Month thing called NaNoWriMo. It's National Novel Writing Month (November 1 - 30). Basically the month of November is set aside and all these people sign up and basically write a book in a month (or 50,000 words, which is half a book for me. Well 1/3 a book if I'm feeling particularly wordy...).

I haven't checked out the website yet, but here it is for anyone interested: I'd love to be done The Outlaw Bride revisions in time to do this, but I don't know if I will. It looks like I still have about another month of work in front of me, much as I wanted to finish this up by end of October. But damn, they have t-shirts and everything!

Anyway, t-shirts aside, I fell really revved up to put an extra push on and get The Outlaw Bride done. Done, done, done! I feel right now like I'm languishing on the precipice and almost ready to drop over it but the revisions have me grabbed at the ankles. I just want to finish this and get it out there, send it into the ether and see what happens. But the revisions make me feel like I'm running in sand. I can see the end in sight but I'm not getting there nearly as fast as I'd like too. I know I can't rush through the revisions and do a half-assed job, especially where I've had to cut 50,000 words (hey maybe I can just use those for the NaNoWriMo...) and now re-piece things back together. But knowing this and fully accepting it are two different things.

So, in the hopes of hurrying this thing along, I think I am going to try and squeeze another hour of writing in during the evenings and carve out time on the weekend, which I normally take off. Plus, I have a five day weekend coming up over Thanksgiving. I plan on using those five mornings to do nothing but write and see how much headway I can make.

I feel revved, ready and laser-focused on getting this done. I feel like a kid jumping up and down, excited to get somewhere and yelling 'c'mon, let's go, let's go, let's go!'.


Tess said...

Kelly - know what you mean about running in sand. I'm at the same point with my revisions. Very frustrating.

Hope the long weekend proves fruitful for you! And congrats on the Presidency :-)

Maxx said...

El Presidente!

Congrats senorita!

Nikki said...

Thank God for Thanksgiving.... literally! I'm looking forward to getting some stuff done this weekend too.

And I can't wait to start taking orders from you in January...:)

Melissa Marsh said...

Unless someone decides to put their name on the ballot for my chapter, I'll be president, as well. Should be fun. :)

I tried to do NaNo one year, but that was my first year of grad school. Decided it wasn't a smart move. Maybe this year, though...

Peggy said...

Thanksgiving? Already??? My God, that came fast!

Congrats on the presidency, Kelly!