Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Men With Manholes

There is a very large truck parked at the end of my driveway dropping large concrete partitions over the manhole covers near it. Just how these geniuses think I'm supposed to get out of my driveway to get to work with their big-assed truck and cement partitions blocking my way is beyond me.

I'd love to just stay home. I wrote a whopping 365 words today. Actually it ended up being more than that because I rewrote about half of what I did yesterday. It was too choppy and disjointed. And I think the new stuff I did this morning will actually have to be changed because the characters are in the wrong location. I need them to be somewhere else when this discussion happens. Insert big, frustrated sigh here.

I finally received my October issue of the RWR yesterday too and noted the deadline to have the full manuscript in for the GH has been changed to December 2nd. I'm trying to figure out if I can even make that deadline now. It gives me a month to get this thing finished, read by Pam who offered to do my final read-thru, and then polished and off to RWA by end of November. I really want to enter this year, but I don't know if I can do it in the time frame of December 2nd. I'll give it a shot and see how it goes. Although first I have to come up with the entry fee by November 15th. That's another hurtle.

Arrrggghhh!!! Why can't life be easier than this? Even for just a day, maybe a week?


Peggy said...

LOL on the blog title! But isn't that the best excuse to call into work. Sorry, can't come, trapped in house with big beefy construction workers!

Sorry about the writing, but weekend is coming. Hopefully you'll be able to catch up then.

Kelly said...

Thanks Peggy. I wish they had been better looking, that would have been some incentive to stay home! I went outside and said we had two options here - he could move his truck, or I could drive thru it. He laughed and opted for option one. Which is good because I really can't afford the higher insurance that would have incurred.

Tess said...

Glad the worker decided to move the truck. You'd have thought they'd have clued!!

Everyone in Canada seems to be getting their RWRs late this month - very weird. Pissy about the GH deadline being moved up. I was UNamused, to say the least.

We'll have to keep each other on the straight and narrow till our mss are done!

Nikki said...

Argh! You are definitely in a funk!

Okay, here's a list of things I do when I can't get going -- or course I'm the queen of excuses for not writing so not sure if any of these will help ... but I'm tryin' ...

1) Go to the library after work, set up at a desk and do not use my computer. Brainstorm only. (I did this last night actually and got a lot accomplished and felt completely reinvigorated. Could have been the hot library attendant though)

2) I write a scene of dialogue only. Not even really related to what I'm writing (got this idea from Heather Veinotte's workshop on dialogue -- last week it saved me!)

3) Man inspiration. Sometimes I just need to go back to the guy I'm writing about (because I always have a guy pictured) and re-re-rent some movie he's in so that I can remember why he inspired me in the first place (my current ms is all about the Patrick Dempsey ... so this makes Sunday nights watching Grey's really about "writing")

4) Buddy up. Pair up with someone and meet somewhere for a writing session. This, again, is harder for you because no notebook. However, would be perfectly willing to help you out with this if you want (I have one and we could put your stuff on it -- I only get this sucker for a few more months!) :)

5) Read something completely out of your genre to see writing for writing, and not necessarily romance related.

Okay, this is waaaaayyyy long. Good luck Kelly!

Anne M said...

Changing the GH deadline? What's with that? Don't they know the panic that will cause.

And Nikki: What library do you go to with the hot attendant? Of course you didn't indicate male or female so maybe I have the wrong gender?

Melissa Marsh said...

Darn it, Kelly. Sorry things aren't going so well right now. Wonder why RWA moved the GH deadline? Very weird.

Just do what you can, girl. :-)