Saturday, October 08, 2005

Day Two: Numb Butt-itis

Is there a doctor in the house? I hurt. The human body was not meant to sit in one position for four hours straight, of this I am now convinced. Granted, I'm sure the two weeks straight of sitting at my desk uploading rent rolls and insurance certificates to the intranet without a break did little to help the situation. If anything, it seems to have made my body revolt at the mere thought of parking my butt in front of a computer for more than a few minutes at a time.

Thankfully, my creative brain does not have the same problem. I made great progress today. I edited three major scenes and made it through about 10,000 words this morning. And even better, I like what I wrote/edited. It's flowed together nicely with little prodding on my part. Now all I have to do is find something to occupy the rest of the day that doesn't require sitting. Maybe I should go for a schlep around the mall...or even better, a little trip to Chapters for a chai latte and a browse about the shelves.

However, if someone does happen to run into Dr McDreamy, feel free to send him my way. I feel the distinct need for a full body massage.


kacey said...

you know, that's one reason I love having a laptop. On marathon sessions like that, I can move around and sit on the bed, or at the table or in a chair or on the couch. So I don't get the numbbutt syndrome *g

Michelle said...

Way to go! Keep up the good work. :)

Peggy said...

Glad to hear the muse is with you. Happy writing!

Nikki said...

Um, me first with Dr. McDreamy!!!