Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Stormy Weather

I am tired beyond all comprehension this morning. I thought of writing something intelligent and pithy today but I'm not sure I could conjure up enough brain cells to spell my name correctly, so that idea got shot down pretty quick. There was a rain/thunder storm last night, so of course the dog was all in a dither. She spent a good three hours circling around me on the bed, jumping off the bed, back up onto the bed, more circling, more burrowing, more keeping me awake. Every time I started to drift off either Coop or a loud clap of thunder jolted me back to full consciousness. Now normally I love thunder and lightening storms, but at three o'clock in the morning I just want to sleep. There was one clap of thunder that seemed to last a full minute and the house rumbled and shook the entire time. It was kind of cool, but it set Coop off for the next hour. That was not so cool.

And it didn't help that I was cranky on top of it. The crankiness started earlier in the evening when I tried replacing my VCR remote control with a universal remote only to discover after I got the thing home and opened that it didn't work on my machine. And the website was no help. And service email I sent to the helpline went unanswered. So now I have to scoot out to the mall on my lunch hour and return the useless device and see if I can find an inexpensive replacement that does work. I refuse to spend more than $20. Heck, if it costs any more than that, I might as well just buy a new VCR.

However, despite feeling like roadkill, I at least managed to continue my revisions on The Outlaw Bride and I wrote one new scene to replace two that I cut, so that's still motoring along. A friend of mine who is in the same situation - preparing her manuscript that's been requested - has offered to do a swap with me. We'll each reach the other's final draft before it gets sent out. So I’d really like to get this to her by the first week of October. Which means I better get my butt in gear.


Tess said...

Mucho sympathy on the lack of sleep - I hate nights like that.

And arrggghhh on the universal remote. Technology - sometimes it just sucks.

Great deal with your friend re swapping mss! And WTG with the writing you got done in your bleary-eyed state.

Melissa Marsh said...

My dog goes nuts during a thunderstorm, as well. My husband's dog, on the other hand, cowers in his doghouse. And he's a big guy - half St. Bernard and half Husky!

Nikki said...

I never figured out those damn universal remotes either. Great idea -- but if I need a science degree to work it then I'll obviously have no need for television.

It rained last night? Where the hell was I????

Erin said...

That was a wicked storm last night, all right. That big clap of thunder that you mentioned set off a car alarm on our street (either that, or a thief just had good timing). Very loud.