Monday, September 19, 2005

Bleary Eyed Monday

I made the mistake of staying up until midnight last night to watch the Emmys. I hadn't planned on it, but the evil producers always leave the best awards until the very end and by then I tell myself, oh well, it's over in half an hour, I might as well stay up and finish. I actually have no idea what time it finished. After I saw that Lost won for best drama, I stumbled off to bed. I don't know if best actor/actress in a drama came before or after that award. I may have drifted off at one point because if it came before I missed it entirely. But hey, that's what those entertainment news shows are for, right? Lately I've gotten into the habit of just watching those for the winners. Cutting through all the boring acceptance speeches and stupid presenter jokes to get to the real reason you're watching - to see who won. And of course what they wore.

So after staying up for that, I really had to drag my butt out of bed this morning. An endeavor made all the more painful by the fact that once I finally got to bed last night, my dog decided she wanted some extra attention. Every time I tried to drift off, Coop would burrow her head under my pillow and flip her nose up. Nudge, nudge. can't ignore me. I would give her a good scratch behind the ears, a bit of a belly rub, tell her it was bedtime and to get some rest. I hunkered down beneath the blankets once again. Once again, burrow burrow, nudge nudge... heeelllloooooo. I'll give the dog one thing, she's a true Capricorn. Her perseverance is top notch. It didn't matter how much I tried to ignore the nudging, she just kept at it until I finally gave in.

So needless to say, I am functioning on about four hours of sleep this morning. Still, I did manage to start piecing my manuscript back together. Luckily, there were very few changes to make to the first six scenes. I read through it, made a few edits, cut out a couple of things and got jazzed up to get the rest of it done. Sometimes the whole editing process can seem more than a bit daunting but I find a lot of deep breathing and chanting 'you can do this, you can do this' is most helpful. Unless of course you do it out loud and in public, in which case you may have a whole other set of problems on your hands.

I am hoping to get this manuscript pieced back together in the next couple of weeks, although in saying that I realize this week is partially a write-off. Thursday night is the Pearl Jam concert which Maxx is coming up for. Friday we go shopping (for me it will be window shopping, but hey Christmas is coming right...?), Friday night it is supper with Jo Beverley, Saturday is my chapter's all day session with Jo Beverley which I have been eagerly awaiting for about 6 months now, Saturday night I have my good buddies from my former workplace coming over for our quarterly Wine & Bitch session, and then Sunday it's birthday suppers for my brother's wife and sister's fiancé. Yikes...after all that, I may need to schedule another Nothing Weekend real soon.


Tess said...

Re: Coop - must have been the full moon! Cleo was nuts last night as well. Bouncing around over and over - she didn't settle down till almost 1:30, so neither did I.

Great work on the ms!! Your progress is very inspiring :-)

Anne M said...


I stayed up and watched the Emmy's. I don't watch any of the shows nominated so don't know why I was glued to the bitter end. I was hoping Hugh Laurie would win for House just so I could listen to him in his comic British persona. But I was disappointed.

Melissa Marsh said...

I'm tired, too. A six-hour drive will do that to you. Sounds like you have a busy few weeks coming up. Hope they're fun!

Maxx said...

I watched for 10 seconds til I got some Hugh Jackman eye candy then turned over to flick between Shaft, Pearl Harbour and Girl Talk About Sex... or something like that. I never knew there were so many types of uh... 'personal devices'. Very enlightening indeed.

Nikki said...

I watch these shows too ... and this one was pretty bad. Everyone Loves Raymond???? What the hell was up with them getting all the awards???? Very disappointing who won... well, at least most of the time. I was happy for Felicity Huffman at least...

And I love that skit that Hugh Laurie and Zach Braff did. ZB is hilarious!