Thursday, July 21, 2005

Poor Little Puppy

My best friend called me last night to tell me they had to put her dog, Cayman, down. It was sudden and somewhat unexpected. He had developed epilepsy a few months ago and she and I often commiserated over our respective animals and what each of them had been going through lately. But poor Cayman took a downturn last night and the vet indicated they had done all they could. Maxx made the hard decision to let Cayman go, rather than have him suffer through another few weeks of more of the same. It's heartbreakingly sad to lose one of your animals, and anyone that has them knows that it takes scant little time for them to stop being just a cat or a dog. Within a very short time they jump the ranks to become the furry member of the family.

Cayman was a big dog and he had the personality to match. Funny, goofy and I swear he grinned. I'd bet money on it. A great big, goofy grin. He'd come running at a mad dash, tongue hanging out whenever I came down to visit. Maxx would try to restrain him as best she could, but like I said, he was a big dog. I always had visions of her not catching him in time. He'd land on me and I go flying back out the front door and tumbling down the steps. He was a big ball of energy, but he had such a sweet disposition and not a mean bone in his body. He'll be missed. I wish I could articulate better how much, but Maxx's tribute on her blog pretty much says it all. Have a look, and have a tissue handy. She's over at the link I Was Never That Into You Anyway (


Maxx said...


Thanx bud.

And I should have heeded your warning cause I'm at work.

*sniff sniff*

Nikki said...

I love your comments about Cayman. I can see the grin from here Kelly.

Great post!

Maxx said...

I don't know about 'not a mean bone in his body' thing though. I think Oochie would beg to differ with you on that.

Kelly said...

I really don't think Oochie oughta be pointing the finger on that one. But don't tell her I said so. I don't want her gnawing my arm off while I'm sleeping next visit.

Tess said...

Poor Cayman. I'm so sorry, Maxx!!! That's awful. Can totally sympathize. But sometimes letting go is the best thing we can do - no matter how our heart breaks when we do it.

Maxx said...

Hopefully this doesn't sound cold-hearted... but at least it was quick. I didn't have days or weeks to agonize over it. When I took him to the vet I thought he'd be coming home in a day or two. But sadly that turned out not to be the case. And luckily we had a sympathetic vet who answered all my questions and let us sit there and cry as long as we needed to and let us out the back way. No one likes to have to go through that but her sympathy and compassion made it just a smidge easier.