Thursday, July 21, 2005

The Layover

My travel buddy, Julianne MacLean, and I have opted to change our flight times to Reno. We were originally scheduled to catch a 2 pm flight from here to Boston, but that only leaves us a scant 50 minutes to make our connection. Not much time, especially if we hit a delay on leaving. So now we're going to catch a 6:30 AM flight. Which means getting to the airport for 4:30 AM. Which meant convincing my mother, not the earliest of risers but always willing to help one of her kids out, to drive me to the airport at 4:00 AM. What a hideously ungodly hour. Then of course we get to Boston and have an 8 hour layover before our flight to Salt Lake City. We're pretty sure if we take some books and a notepad or two we can entertain ourselves for the duration, although I had someone at work suggest we'd probably kill each other long before then. Now, Julianne is probably one of the nicest people you could ever meet, but after 8 hours I'll bet there's a good chance my company could grate on her last nerve. So any of you going to the conference, if you happen to see her and I'm nowhere to be found...well...maybe somebody should look for the body, that's all I'm saying.


Melissa Marsh said...

An 8-hour layover? Wow. That is a long time to wait in an airport. Of course, if you're in Boston, I'd take advantage of it and go see the sights!

ces said...


HAVE A GREAT TIME IN RENO!!! I can't wait for a full report.

Ces xoxoox

Nikki said...

I have a feeling you two are going to become pretty close over the next week.

Don't Jude Law me now ...

... Sienna

Tess said...

8 hours!!! Wow, that's a long layover. But I know Julianne and I'm sure she won't kill you *g*. She's too nice for that. Leave you behind in Boston, maybe, but kill you? Nah *vbg*.

I too have a flight at an ungodly hour. 6:50 am out of Vancouver. That's after arriving there at 10pm the night before. But it won't be too bad as we're stay near the airport and with the time difference, I'll already be awake!