Saturday, May 07, 2005

A Tornado Swept Thru

My house is in a state of disarray that would completely ruin my reputation as a neat freak were anyone to see it. Even cooking, which I hate to do on a good day, has fallen by the wayside. In the past week my diet has consisted of popcorn, chocolate bars and Vector cereal. Somehow it has seemed easier of late to grab something on the fly, or throw something on an already existing pile, promising myself I'll get to it later. Then later never comes, or it gets put off, because after all, isn't that what 'later' is? A point in time that never arrives?

I get two days to myself each week. Two days away from the hideous boredom of my day job. The idea of spending any of that time doing more drudge work seems to send me into a tailspin. There are books to read, movies to see, more scenes to write. Am I suppose to jump up and woo hoo over the prospect of spending even 5 minutes of that time bent over a toilet, scrubbing it clean?

I know it has to be done. My writing room is becoming a fire hazard with so many loose sheets of paper floating about to the point I don't even remember what most of them are. My kitchen table is covered in more piles, of what I couldn't say. Mail maybe, a mother's day card, I believe there is even a bag of flower bulbs.

How can one area of my life be running so smoothly and the other be spiraling out of control? And is it out of control? Or is this normal? Is this just my neat freakness making more of something than it truly is? Or if I leave it, will I become like some shut-in they profile on the news after their death? Lost and decayed between stacks of Time magazines from decades past. Not really the auspicious ending I had hoped for, but hey, memorable nonetheless.

I'm also wondering how long I can stretch this post on for before the disciplined side of my brain kicks my arse into gear and forces me to start cleaning something at least. Probably not long. There is a hacked apart love scene from Chp 21 that has overwhelmed me for the past week. If I start to clean now, I can avoid facing the shambles I've made of that.

I can exchange one mess for another. Funny how that works.


Maxx said...

Welcome to my world Ant. I live in a constant state of organized disarray. I try, but it just gets shifted to another spot. Personally I think people with perfectly organized homes without piles are rather boring. They obviously file everything away, pay their bills on time, read their magazines in a timely fashion and recycle them... these people have NO LIVES if they have all that time to keep their homes in pristine condition.

At least that's what I tell myself when I look at the piles of paper that hide my kitchen table from my view.

Kelly said...

Actually wouldn't it stand to reason if they are organized enough to get their bills paid on time (yes I do), read their magazines in a timely fashion (again, guilty), and recycle them (hey this is the environment we're talking about), then we should also have time to have a life. Which I do. If you're overwhelmed in chaos, grasshopper, how do you get anything done? You can't. You're too busy being overwhelmed.

Maxx said...

You say that like it's a bad thing.

I'm waiting til I marry rich than I'm hiring a house keeper to look after it for me. Til then... I stay mired and pick at it when I can.

And who said it was 'chaos'? It's not 'chaos'. It's more 'disarray' than it is chaos. And if I didn't have kids and animals to pick up after it would probably be pristine. I used to live like that. *sniff* Some day I just may have that again.

Kelly said...

Hey one woman's disarray is another woman's chaos.

Maxx said...

I say we just blow it all to hell and start again. *dons asbestos suit* Whaddya say? Ya with me?

Kelly said...