Saturday, May 14, 2005


Inertia: The tendency of a body to resist acceleration; resistance or disinclination to motion, action, or change.

Welcome to my day. I made such a promising start. I was up early as usual, having been dragged from my warm, cozy bed by my dog who insisted that 7:14 AM on a Saturday was a perfectly acceptable time to be fed her breakfast. So with the pooch fed and watered, and a pot of java brewing, I settled down onto the couch and flipped through my latest issue of RWR; considered all the things I needed to get done today (I did however refrain from writing down a list, although in hindsight, that may not have been such a bad idea). I had promised myself today I would go through the critiques I received for chapters 17 through 20 and make any necessary changes. I would read through my completed Chapter 21 then post it for critique. I would try to put a dent in the baby blanket for my soon to be niece/nephew who's due date is looming perilously close. I would make a batch of lunches to freeze for next week so I wouldn't have to resort to eating cereal and toast for each and every meal because I was too lazy or tired to cook.

Oh yes...I had such lofty plans.

By 11 AM I was up and out of the house. On my way to run a few errands, which I did in record time. Back home a little after the noon hour. I should make lunch. I'm hungry. Well, maybe I'll just sit down on the couch for a moment and think about what I want. An hour passed. My butt remained firmly planted on the cushions. My dog had crawled up beside and half draped herself over me. I couldn't move. I'd disturb her sleep. She's not well. She needs her rest. I may have said that out loud, as she did lift one eyebrow and glance up at me as if I had sprouted a second head. She seems oblivious to her yet-to-be-named illness. I'm perfectly fine, that glance seems to say. It's you who has the problem.

And she's right.

I have been struck by inertia. There are so many things left to do. Perhaps I should start one. The knitting is within reach. I could finish the second sock to match the first, the pair I had promised my sister last Christmas. Or I could maybe finish that hat for my friend's baby. How old was he now? Almost a year? Given my inability to gauge my time, perhaps I should start on next Christmas' projects right now? But I can't decide which one to work on. So I sit and think about it some more. It all seems too much. I should go work on my chapters instead. Wow, four chapters to review and revise. That seems like such a lot. And it's cold downstairs. I'd have to put a fire on. Maybe I should just read over Chapter 21. I've spent the last week and a half working on it and it's finally done. Just one more read through required. But what if it sucks? What if it isn't in final form? What if it is so horrible I have to rewrite it all over again??!!

Oh lordy...I better sit down. I'm feeling rather dizzy. Oh wait, I am still sitting. Well, good enough. I should fix myself something to eat. After all, it's been two hours now and I am getting a bit peckish. But that requires preparation. Cooking. Cleaning. Maybe just a snack then. I return to the couch with a cup of tea and handful of crackers. It's been a long time since I've bought crackers. They're much smaller than they used to be. It's easier to contemplate why this is, rather than the knitting projects calling my name, the chapters that require my attention, the floor that needs vacuuming, the lunches that need cooking, the workout I still have to do. Aiy yi yi...

Maybe I should just go upstairs, soak in a hot tub and read a book.

Inertia: the tendency of a body at rest to remain at rest.


Anonymous said...

isn't also the tendency of a body in motion to remain in motion?

(said the girl sitting in her housecoat at 4:21 pm)


Kelly said...

No. Now get dressed. At least I managed that much.

Maxx said...

¿Qué entrenamiento?
Éste es entrenamiento libera día. Libera I say!

Kelly said...

You can say whatever you want, I just don't understand it.

Amy said...

I've had days like that....

Maxx said...

No one understands me even when I'm speaking english so I figured what the hell